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Cold Air Intakes For Zetec's (Focus Intakes, Contour Intakes, and Mystique Intakes)

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    Seems the way to go is either buy an ebay ram air and throw on the BAT extender kit to make it a somewhat CAI, or build your own like a few others have done.
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      After about 3 months of having miy cold air intake on, I have changed it into a WAI. A lot better response in the mid/high RPM range. A LOT easier to do, with VERY little modifications, if any at all. Easier to clean filter, as you don't have to mess around under the car just to get it out. I do however suggest going with a 3" intake, less restrictive, and gives better performance in everyway over the 2.5". I'm trying to find an air box that will work on the Zetec, as lower RPM range is just drained after deletling the stock air box.
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        i have a 96 contour gl and i cant seem to find one that will fite it any advice


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          Dude, you asked the same question in a different thread last week and I provided you an answer. Did you not read the thread where you posted this question?! Did you read my response?! Here's the link to the thread. Read post #8 to find your answer.

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          i have a 96 contour gl and i cant seem to find one that will fite it any advice
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            i'm in the process of designing a CAI for my 98 zetec that shuld work and is not almost draging the ground. so hydrolock shouldn't be too much of a problem.


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              Looks good but I was thinking about trying this one

              Its for a ZX2 but I think with a few modifications it will work for a Tour
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