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passenger wheel spins in the air w/ engine running??

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  • passenger wheel spins in the air w/ engine running??

    I have my svt on stands as I'm looking at the alternator. Doing some troubleshooting on it and so I turned the engine on. My passenger wheel started spinning forward and at a pretty good speed. I had work gloves on and would hit the sidewall with my palm over and over and got it to slow down (it definitely took some effort). It slowed down enough that I was able to palm it more and get the wheel to stop but I can see it wanting to start creeping to spin again. I can then manually spin it backwards. With it stopped, if I open the throttle it will start spinning again. This is with the car in neutral. Is this normal? With the engine off, I can manually spin both front wheels in neutral. The driver side wheel is much more sluggish to spin by hand. The passenger wheel is much more easy to spin with little effort. Maybe the driver side wants to spin too with the engine on but the "stiffness" doesn't let inertia start it up?? Should any of the drive wheels be spinning in neutral with the front end jacked up? I think I've always had the car on ramps whenever did anything with the engine running so I don't recall if I've ever had the engine on with the car on stands to see if it's always done this.
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    I would think if the clutch were rubbing the effects would be much more significant. Its probably just due to air friction in the bell-housing.
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