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  • MSDS + trubendz

    Does anyone have a pretty much stock svt with msds headers and trubendz exhaust? If so what's estimated HP gain and did it sound good & smooth (no drone or other faults)?

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    Headers and Y pipe give aprox 12hp gain. The less restrictive cat-back prob 5-8hp.

    I know after all the work required in installing the headers and would be nice to hear 30-40hp gains...but its just not happening on these cars.

    30-40hp = 3L swap.

    As far as drone. You'll need to keep the cat...get a high flow one from Trubendz. And if you get the non-resonated cat-back you will have drone...a lot of it at highway speed. I have MSDS headers, Weapon R Y-pipe, Trubendz resnoated cat-back. Sounds really good...smooth and powerful. And no drone at highway speed. Not as good as my True Borla cat-back...but not as restrictive either ;-)


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      Not that this was my post, but thanks for this INFORMATIVE response! What you're saying is a full engine back exhaust change we will be lucky to see 20HP (still 10% though) probably more like 17HP?
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        My SVT was pretty much bone stock. Didn't have the exact setup your referencing but see below. In my opinion this was the best sounding exhaust I've heard.

        WeaponR headers (basically the same as MSDS Inc, but stainless steel construction)
        WeaponR y-pipe
        Borla Cat-back exhaust
        Trubendz cat delete pipe
        Taylor ThunderVolt 8.2mm wires
        Bosch Platinum +4 plugs
        FRAM Air Hog air filter

        I put down 187whp with 158ftlbs of torque IIRC.
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          Sorry I haven't been on in forever, crazy things going on and the car was my last concern. I appreciate the response (better late than never for a thank you I guess haha) I decided recently that I am going to be keeping the SVT for a while and I'm ready to start modding. I'll hopefully be posting some before and after pics. I have to admit that a 3.0L swap is very tempting, but my car is in such ridiculously good shape I can't justify the $$ in my mind. It has definitely kept me up at night researching more than once.