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Stock Y pipe?

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  • Stock Y pipe?

    I just got under my SVT for the first time since Ive owned it (since jan). I knew it had a fairly stock exhaust just from the sound of it. And PO didnt mention any exhaust mods. Im about to replace the resonator with a glasspack (everyones got their opinion, and its not what this thread is about). Anyways, I took a peak under there just to get an idea of how I would need to drop the exhaust. Ive seen pics of what I thouht was the stock Y pipe, so now im not sure what I have. Is this the Y-pipe, if so is it stock?
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    Nope not stock. Looks like a home made or exhaust shop made pipe. A day or two ago one with similar design sold in the for sale threads
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      That Y pipe looks like the one I bought a few years ago from Truebenz. It's OK for what it is but since it's not made of SS the welds will rust. Mine rusted badly and I ended up removing it and putting the stock Y pipe back on but with a few mods that eliminated the tight turn the stock one made. Here's a link to a picture, see if it's the same as yours.
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        Thanks fellas, you have confirmed my suspicions. I just wasnt 100%
        2000 CSVT Full BAT Suspension #1753