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  • Is this a good deal

    So I stopped by my local exhaust guy yesterday to get a quote. He's saying about $320 for two dynomax borla mufflers and to cut out stock res along with new tips. I have listened to the sticky sound clips on here. You guys think thats the way to go and do you think its a fair price?

    Also I found a sticky on here about gutting the y pipe but the link is dead. Any help there? I was planning on getting a high flow cat as well or no cat seeing as I dont have emmissions/smog tests.

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    The parts that are "gutted" are the precats. Deleting the main cat will likely produce rasp.
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      So removing the res and going with two mufflers should be good enough for some sound without rasp?


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        yes thats what i did sounds great when u get on it thats when me and my bro took off my exhaust and did work on it and
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          what was found was reference to optimizing the stocl y-pipe. The stocl y pipe is created by taking a straight peice of pipe and basically bending it in half after cutting it open. So in the y pipe there is the wall of the pipe. Optimizing it just removes that part of the pipe.

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