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Public Poll ---What type of exhaust system do you have?

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    stock.... and one leak
    Pimping in a
    Mercury Mystique Ls 2.5L, 24V.
    Jetta MKIII Vr6' 2.8L, 12V.


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      finally CEG is back and i can post this

      Stock Zetec

      Exhaust type--------2.5" cat back
      Main cat------------Stock
      Resonator----------Thrush glasspack
      98.5 t-red Zetec mtx
      207,000 and counting
      i love bring my car into class, it give a new "special circumstance" every day.


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        So I have a standard-ish 1997 Mondeo ST24 V6. The exhaust setup is as follows:

        Headers: Stainless steel de-cat headers and Y-pipe built by Toyosports
        Cats: none; not required here
        Tube: Mandrel bent 2.5 inch mild steel, 1/8th wall thickness, then drops down to 2 inch about 1.5 feet from the end of the system
        Mufflers: Coby free flow in the centre, Coby free flow on the end with a 3 inch tip welded on the end. Also have another rear section with a standard generic muffler to keep it quiet, at the cost of a few HP, with the same 3 inch tip welded on.

        Noise level: With standard generic muffler: 93dB, under the legal limit of 97dB
        With Coby free flow: 98dB approx, slightly over the legal limit
        With no rear section: 106dB and illegal full stop...


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          Portmatched 3l

          Exhaust type -- stock
          Manifolds/Headers -- MSDS
          Y-pipe -- Stock
          Main Cat -- Stock
          Resonator -- Stock
          Mufflers -- 40 Series Flowmaster

          Loudness -- 7 loud at wot. not to bad when regular driving, Once I delete the factory Resonator I Imagine it will go up in Loudness but dont expect it to by much
          98 SF SVT Contour #0332
          3L/Portmatched/MSDS Headers/Flowmaster 40 Series Exhaust/65MM Mustang TB/24Lb Injectors/Samco Hoses/JVC Head Unit/FSVT Wheels/DIY CAI


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            stock precats
            stock ypipe
            removed main cat/pipe
            stock resonator
            ss magnaflow mufflers w/4" tips
            loudness...its not, maybe 1 notch louder than stock. plan on removing the stock resonator soon to give it a bit more growl.
            --current cars: 1998 contour svt # 0165, 2009 mercury mariner premiere
            --past cars: 1996 contour se, too many mods to list!!, 1999 silfro svt, 1999 tropic green svt, and tooooooooo many others to list.


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              MSDS Headers & Ypipe
              True Borla Cat-back
              Pearl Black 98 CSVT- Konis GC l OZ Supperleggeras l B&M l Port-Matched 3l SVT Cams w/gutted SVT LIM l EH SVT UIM l 65mm TB l NPG CAI l COPs l Black Hightowers w/projectors l Pre98 l Freedom Design FSTB l RSTB l
              2kBlack/Tan CSVT 77k Restore
              3 CSVT Sold


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                Motor: 04 Escape 3L
                Exhaust: 2.5" custom NoyzBoyz cat back
                Header: Weapon-R
                Y-pipe: Weapon-R
                Resonator: None
                Cat: None
                Mufflers: Custom Magnaflow

                Idle Loudness: 7
                Crusing Loudness: 8.5-9
                WOT Loudness: 10+ lol

                Best sounding exhaust ever heard on a SVT.
                SOLD ---- Sean - 1998.5 3.0L CSVT #5906 - "MONSTOUR"

                Originally posted by rexxdoggy
                My intake right now is a heat soak muh fuh'in short ram gayness.


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                  exhaust: 2.5 INCH
                  muffler: FLOWMASTER SERIES 10
                  Ypipe: modded to about 2.5 inch
                  Headers: stock
                  Resonator: 2.5 inch nockoff flowmaster style :)
                  3rd cat: who needs that :)
                  Loudness: 10
                  Jared Adams
                  Street whore 2000 contour svt #1649 3l vortec supercharged :) heavily modded
                  TURBO 10 psi 98 SVT Contour #0004 heavily modified
                  soon to own me a fox mustang :D


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                    Exhaust Type-- CTA Motorsports custom stainless steel 2 1/2" exhaust system, no resonator, stepped down to dual 2 1/4" piping, finished with two Magnaflow 35168 dual stainless steel polished tips.
                    Manifold/Headers-- Nautilus, MSDS, Ceramic Coated Headers
                    Y-Pipe-- BAT Y-Pipe
                    Main Cat-- Magnaflow High Flow Cat
                    Resonator-- Magnaflow 18x4" round, high flow (recently installed)
                    Mufflers-- Magnaflow 14415, 14x4" round, high flow, stainless steel mufflers

                    Volume #--Without Resonator=9
                    --With Resonator=6.5
                    1999 SVTC #2196 of 2760, Black/Tan, 76,xxx miles....modified 2003 Lincoln Aviator AWD, Metallic TRed/Tan, 156,xxx miles...the D.D.


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                      Exhaust type-- True Borla
                      Manifolds/Headers-- Weapon R Headers
                      Y-pipe-- ShoShop Catless
                      Main Cat-- None
                      Resonator-- Stock Borla
                      Mufflers-- Stock Borla



                      Exhaust type-- 2inch True dual
                      Manifolds/Headers-- Weapon R Headers
                      Y-pipe-- None
                      Main Cat-- None
                      Resonator-- Dual In/Out Magnaflow Xpipe 4x9" Oval Muffler 11385
                      Mufflers-- Bosal Brospeed

                      '98 SVT E0 BLK/MNB#1663 Forged Ovalport 3L Supercharged


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                        Exhaust Type-- Trubendz 2.5" SS exhaust - fully welded.
                        Manifold/Headers-- MSDS Ceramic Coated Headers.
                        Y-Pipe-- Weapon R Y-Pipe
                        Main Cat-- Trubendz High Flow Cat
                        Resonator-- Magnaflow oval high flow
                        Mufflers-- Magnaflow 14415, 14x4" round, high flow, stainless steel mufflers