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Best Mufflers for V6 2.5

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  • Best Mufflers for V6 2.5

    Any suggestions? I've a 95 mystique with the 2.5L V6, and I'm looking to outfit it with a new exhaust. Im not getting the pre made kit from TruBendz, because a local place has better rates.
    I'd like some suggestion on the mufflers though. It'll be a cat back, no resonator, "dual" pipes (y splitter) and dual mufflers
    And id like to avoid the higher pitched noise that some exhausts get. Prefer something with some rumble

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    Try magnaflow.


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      Borla all the way


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        Originally posted by Rippin6Gears View Post
        Borla all the way
        I second this.

        But then again my Trubendz Borla exhaust has the Borla muffler where the stock resonator is and then two Magnaflow resonators where the stock mufflers are.
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          Recommending Borla or Magnaflow is fine, but the sound quality has a lot more to do with the type of muffler, rather than who manufactured it. Borla and Magnaflow both make high quality mufflers. Edelbrock RPM Stainless mufflers used to be some of the best out there, but they were discontinued in 2007, damn shame too.

          I have a lot of experience getting good exhaust sound out of a Taurus SHO Yamaha V6, so the exercise with the V6 Contour is rather similar. In the time I've owned my SHO (since 1989), I've had about 5 exhaust systems on it.

          If you're doing a 2 >1 >2 system, you DO want a center resonator, if you delete this component, you will get the dreaded rasp or buzz, which is the high pitched noise you want to avoid.

          Avoid chambered or "turbo" mufflers like the plague, these will give you rasp. You want a center resonator and mufflers with perforated cores and packing around the cores. Fiberglass packing is cheap, think old fashioned Glasspacks, and it won't last long. Refractory glass wool packing is better and will last longer, Stainless steel wool packing is the best, it lasts damn near forever, but costs more. Borla makes unquestioningly the best perforated core, Stainless steel wool packed mufflers on the Planet, and that's what you're paying for with Borla.

          This is the best Taurus SHO exhaust system I ever made. 3" mandrel bends from cats to tailpipe, great big Borla XR-1 race muffler as a forward resonator, and a large oval case perforated core packed muffler at the rear. It sounds positively awesome, it has a low rumble at light throttle, and when I get on it, it emits an evil low roar that turns people's heads. The right mufflers gets the right sound. The engine is a 3.2L low compression mill with a Vortech supercharger.

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            i only have a magnaflow, flow through style muffler and its a mid muffler. no resonators or anything. i have no rasp, no drone, sounds like rape when you get on it.and ive had more then 1 friend tell me its the best exhaust theyve ever heard. it pops slighty on deceleration which i love, and its completley quiet when driving, unless you give it more throttle
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              2.5" cat back with a pair of Aero Turbine mufflers.

              gutted precats, optimized y-pipe, and a glasspack in the middle were added for this one.

              I have several vids of that exhaust as well as one with the 3L instead of the 2.5L
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                The resonator is the most restrictive part of the exhaust, so my favorite thing to do is replace that, and run no mufflers at all on the back (straight pipes). With a nice resonator, it will eliminate not only the drone, but the tinny sound most v6's make. I used one borla XS muffler - center single 2.5" in and dual out 2.5" and flipped it backwards, as they are not directional. The XS muffler sounded so nice. Here is an example of the muffler I am talking about (I paid like $115 or so a few years back, but here's what I'm talking about - ). This is what it sounded like on my supercoupe - I wish I had a better sound clip, but it was one of the nicest sounding v6 exhausts I ever heard. This is a bored out 3.8l v6 supercharged, but there was no drone, and I assume it would be similar for the contour:


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                  In my opinion which are like ,,, I have an empty main cat factory resonator back to a 2.5" Y and resonated tips.No mufflers are the best mufflers:P


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                    In my opinion which are like ,,, I have an empty main cat factory resonator back to a 2.5" Y and resonated tips.No mufflers are the best mufflers:P


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                      In my opinion which are like ,,, I have an empty main cat factory resonator back to a 2.5" Y and resonated tips.No mufflers are the best mufflers


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                        wow ,so a block popped up and said edit response blank ,so I kept hitting post reply WTF ? So You have to manually refresh the page after every post?


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                          Thanks for the replies. I'm still in the process of getting into this project. Some things came up (apparently brakes and tires cost money) but I'll get back once I've completed the swap. I'll probably go with gmorrell's suggestion. Thanks for the replies!!