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Returnless Fuel Pump Replacement w/Motorcraft PFS289

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  • Returnless Fuel Pump Replacement w/Motorcraft PFS289

    I have scanned the instruction Manual for the Motorcraft Fuel Pump Replacement.

    This is the PFS289 fuel tank "Kit" that includes everything. Rubber O ring, Lock Ring, Convolute, Nylon Lock ring for the fuel neck, rubber grommet for the fuel neck, updated flapper etc. This kit addresses many issues with the Contour Returnless fuel system, including the stuttering/bucking (what my 00 CSVT was doing), the shutoff when filling up (didn't have an issue here), and removal of the swirl chamber/swirl pot.

    The one thing that is NOT included in this kit is the Rotunda Cutter tool (Part number 310-133) which is a bronze tipped cutter that is used to nip the tabs that hold the existing swirl pot in the bottom of the tank. This tool with my discount is 180.00, and I find them online for 230+!! I checked with a local tech at the Ford Dealer and he told me that they use cutting dikes to cut them, do not twist or rock as the tabs are part of the lower tank floor. CUT ONLY. As long as they are in a ventilated area. ***DISCLAIMER** I am not advising or recommending you remove the tabs like this. This is merely what I have been told!!! Always use eye and skin protection when working with gasoline. Make sure area is well ventilated!!!

    The directions are for complete tank removal but I think most of us here will be cutting a hole below the back seat.

    I will post this at another board as well. Please do NOT recopy and link these photos elsewhere. I'm sharing with you guys because I am appreciative of the vast amount of information that I have received by searching the forums and doing lots of reading, so its nice to give back now and then. I will be tackling this job myself this weekend and I'll do a write up/Pictorial.

    Continued Below...
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    Thats all Ladies and Gents!

    I hope you found this helpful!
    00 SilFro CSVT
    03 Marauder - Garage Queen
    01 F-250 Powerstroke


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      Originally posted by Dyoel182
      I guess I'm confused about why the tank needs to come off for a fuel pump replacement and why you'd need a cuting tool for anything.
      I will not be removing my tank, since I plan on cutting the access hole.

      They are calling for tank removal for:

      1. Easier to remove without cutting the body of the car (dealers probably dont want to do this and have customers upset that they hacked their car)

      2. modding the flapper on the fill neck

      3. easier to remove the swirl pot and work with the tank on a bench

      Cutting tool is for removing the swirl pot. The new fuel pump does not lock into the swirl pot. It is the more typical spring loaded ordeal that will hang from the upper half of the pump assembly. Installing the redesigned pump will not work unless you remove the swirl pot.
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      01 F-250 Powerstroke


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        The redesigned pump is a better design. It is essentially the Focus pump housing modified to fit the Contour tank.

        FWIW, i'm running one in my SVT. The previous owner gave me the pump when I bought the car. He bought it and couldn't figure out how to put it in.
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          Pics would be nice, a few questions, are the fuel neck mods a necessity? and has anyone found a way to remove the swirl pot without that tool?


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            1- The fuel flapper mod is not necessary if you aren't having fill issues. However, this doesn't mean you never will and if you have access to all the tools you'd need you might want to do it all at once. It is really up to you.

            2- As the original thread states plainly, cutting dykes can be used to remove the tabs at the bottom of the tank. It is NOT recommended by Ford or any official "how to" but as long as you are careful and work in a well ventilated area then dykes SHOULD be fine.

            3- You do have to cut your floor if you decide not to drop the tank so if you don't want to hack into your car then you have to drop the tank. I've done tank drops/pump changes on Mustangs before and it really isn't that difficult. On a Contour you do have to mess with the exhaust a bit but get the car on a lift or on jackstands and it shouldn't be very hard to do.

            Lucky for me my 2000 SVT pump seems to be holding up nicely and no flapper issues yet, however I think I'm going to drop the tank when I do it because I am anal retentive and I KNOW with my luck I'd cut my floor, change the pump and promptly have flapper issues a month later...
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              How to remove fuel line?

              I've ordered a PFS289 replacement kit, but I'm still working on getting the old assembly out of the car. At this point I have not figured out how to remove the fuel line from the metal tank cover. It looks like there are four gray plastic tabs that have to somehow be pushed under the fuel line while the fuel line is being pulled away. I've already resorted to breaking off the plastic cover that has the two tabs on it. I didn't see any way I'd get the fuel line off with that thingy still covering all the tabs.

              Anyone have advice?
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                Any chance the pictures could be posted again to this thread?


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                  Bump for pics


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                    Attaching an older but similar how-to with pictures.
                    (Free bonus - a sneak preview of the upcoming FAQ rewrite!)
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                      Would anyone be willing to lend the Rotunda Cutting Tool (310-133)? I will pay shipping both ways.
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                        Can someone post some detailed pics on modifying the gas tank, removing the lock ring, so these fuel pumps fit in the tank. I can't believe they modified the pump a third time this dumbly. I have the 99 2.5 se model if that makes a difference.