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Putting an SVT Intake on a 3.0L Oval Port

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  • Putting an SVT Intake on a 3.0L Oval Port

    Okay, this is getting a bit annoying and its all due to my learning about these motors. I thought that I would be able to bolt on all the stuff from my 2.5L SVT to the 3.0 with maybe some port hogging, however the whole top end is different with different injector locations etc. If I stay with the stock Taurus intake setup, I don't get to use my extrude honed SVT intake setup and I understand there are benefits to both, but I would like to keep things plug and play with the Mirko 2.5l race motor just so that I can swap motors back and forth quickly. I was speaking with Maverick Flyer and Timeless 240 and they told me that there used to be these adaptor plates that allowed the SVT intake to be used on an oval port. Anybody know what they are called and where I can get a pair? The main remaining issues are around the commonality of the injector rail, wiring and fueling. If I can keep everything the same as the present system, it just makes things a ton easier for a racing application where you may need to swap bullets quickly.

    If this can't be done, I will need to build this motor up as a Hybrid and use the 2.5L SVT heads instead and I would really prefer not to crack open the block unless I have to. Okay 3.0L guru's any ideas?


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    I've never done this, but I think what you're looking for are "Bugzuki" plates, PRT Autosport has them.
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      Yep, if you use the porting plates then all of the stock 2.5l LIM/UIM, fuel rail and injectors work on the 3.0