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Back In Black

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EGL Local Service Resource
#1224737 - 04/26/06 01:41 AM

Like the market Place thread this is strictly for local use & for Local members that offer specific services to EGL members.

1-Only the person that provides the service offered may post!! (This means DO NOT post on behalf of someone you know or associate with!!)

2-DO NOT reply to posts in this thread, it is not for testimonials. Keep all coversation to PMs.

3-After your post is made, please contact me for future edits (description, price, etc.)

4-Service & part prices are allowed, however per rule #2 there will be no hagling in this thread. Keep it to PMs

5-If a customer or customers have a problem with a vendor in this thread they should contact me so the matter can be investigated. If any vendor doesn't comply with iquiries from myself or one of the admins about an issue their service ad will be removed and they will be banned until the issue is resolved!

I reserve the right to remove or add rules and guidelines at anytime.


1999 Black-N-Tan SVT Contour #291
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Back In Black

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Re: EGL Local Service Resource *DELETED* new
#1224751 (Re: WorldTour) 04/26/06 01:51 AM

Post deleted by WorldTour

1999 Black-N-Tan SVT Contour #291
Check out The Premier Ford Fusion Site!

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Captain Impound Boy

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Re: EGL Local Service Resource new
#1224783 (Re: WorldTour) 04/26/06 02:16 AM

Skunkworks AutoSport:
Brakes, Suspension, Engine, Trans, Mobile Electronics Etc etc. Most things can be done same day with no waiting.

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Back In Black

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Re: EGL Local Service Resource *DELETED* new
#1226723 (Re: WorldTour) 04/28/06 01:49 AM

Post deleted by WorldTour

1999 Black-N-Tan SVT Contour #291
Check out The Premier Ford Fusion Site!

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Hard-core CEG'er

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Re: EGL Local Service Resource new
#1227105 (Re: WorldTour) 04/28/06 03:12 PM

Stazi's CDW-27 Garage:
Anything that's on a Contour, Cougar or Mystique, not limited to:
Brakes (supply and installation)
Trans R&R
Engine swaps (3L/hybrid)
Water pumps install
Suspension Install
SAFC install
Gutted Pre-cats
Y-pipe Optimisation
Throttle Body Optimisation
Tune-up/Oil Change

you name it - I've done it.

PM me.

2000 SVT Turbo 295hp/269ftlb@12psi
#1 for Bendix Brakes Kits!
Knuckles rebuilt w/new bearings $55
Gutted pre-cats $80/set

A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine!

Edited by Stazi (04/28/06 03:16 PM)

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Klasse Act
Hard-core CEG'er

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Re: EGL Local Service Resource new
#1230397 (Re: WorldTour) 05/03/06 12:16 AM

Puur-fection Auto Detailing aka "The Compound" here in the CEG I specialize in getting your car back to repsectability, maintaining it or getting it ready to sell, in any respect, "I take pride in your ride!" Here's a detailed list for what to expect over here at "The Compound"

-Engine compartment cleaning/degreasing/dressing:
The car is taken to the local quarter car wash (so all the degreaser and crap goes down their drain) and thoroughly degreased and cleaned so I can apply my dressing to your engine bay to make it look amazing! Its probably one of the biggest compliments I get from my customers, hands down

-Hand car wash:
I use only quality car wash soap from Griots Garage, not cheap stuff either mind you. I use a microfiber wash mit thats cleaned after every car wash so as not to rub any old dirt into your paint. Included in the car wash is wheelwell cleaning and detailing. I use a strong degreaser up in the wheelwells to prep it for the Griots wheelwell dressing thats applied in there, leaving the wheelwells glossy black, nice touch The tires/wheels are completely cleaned and detailed, going as far into the wheels as humanly possible to get out all the brake dust and dirt out of there and at the very least the exposed outside of the wheel is going look great. The tires have Meguiars tire gel applied to them for a great, long lasting look of blackness

-The 1-4 paint processes:

1.Clay barring is courtesy of Griots Garage clay bar and their Speed Shine. This is the best clay bar I've tried to date and it really does a fine job. This step removed all the embedded contaminents from the top layer of the paint and is absolutely necessary, even if I'm only applying one coat of wax/sealant.

2. Klasse All in One is used next. This acrylic product not only cleans below the clear coat but also serves as a polish, bringing out the true color of your paint. It does offer a layer of protection and could be used if your selling the car and just want it look presentable to your potential buyer, but when doing the process completely, it just sets me up for the next steps

3. Klasse Sealant Glaze is up next. This product protects the previous steps and adds clarity to your paint, or "pop" to it. This is also an acrylic with great protection, durability and results. Its even better when the second coat is applied 8 hrs later

4. Quality caranuba is an optional step after #3. Caranuba gives your paint protection, but more importantly adds depth to it, something acrylics simply can't do. I have some of the best caranubas available, Pinnalce "signature series", "Souveran" and S100. Applying this over the KSG is the ultimate way to go if you want everything out of the process, or can be used after a clay barring if you wish, its up to you and your budget

Interior cleaning/dressing/treating is done by several products including Griots leather products and scents, Mequiars low gloss vinyl treatment and Griots interior cleaner, one of the best products of theirs I've ever used. The carpet is steam cleaned with my Bissel "little green machine", along with the floormats. The seats are cleaned, treated (leather) and all windows are cleaned. Everything in the interior is touched and cleaned. The trunk/cargo area is also done, its apart of the interior afterall! I even WD40 the hinges

The "Extras" are little things I do that usually go unseen by most people, like the wheelwells, trim pieces treated and all windows waxed. I also check your oil and tire pressure and adjust accordingly

The price breakdown is as follows, for regular sized cars:

-Basic package is $140.00 (full detail, clay and one coat)

-Premium package is $165.00(full detail, clay, AIO and SG)

-Ultimate package is $190.00 (full detail, clay, AIO, SG and caranuba "topper"

-The second coat of SG can be applied to either the Premium package or Ultimate package for an extra $25.00. Pinnacle "Souveran" can be added to your dark colored, red or black car for an extra $10.00 instead of my regular quality caranuba. This product is $70.00 a container, not cheap but quality doesn't cost it pays So, the most you'd pay over here if I were to go all the way on your car is $215.00 or if its black, $225.00, but I can assure you'll be happy

I'm willing to work around anyones scedule and even if you need to leave the car here a bit longer or drop it off early, it WILL be garaged and my car stays outside, the customer is completely taken care of at "The Compound"

"THEE" Roger R
2005 Crossfire Limited coupe'
-FOR SALE @buyout price & I'll...
-throw in my 93' Regal as winter car
*Dragon Run 06'...Oct 12-15th*
Puur-fection Auto Detailing
Complete packages from $140.00

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Re: EGL Local Service Resource new
#1240744 (Re: WorldTour) 05/17/06 05:17 PM

Mark, per our discussion, please delete my original post in favor of this newly updated one

Get your car buffed out and support the CEG

Got scratches, orange peel, blemishes or other imperfections in your finish? Do you get dizzy from all the swirl marks and spiderwebbing in your clearcoat whenever the sun hits it? Think you need a new paint job? A skilled detailier with experience in high speed compounding and polishing can work miracles on a paint job (see pics below) and I specialize in just such finish restoration work. By finish restoration I mean wet sanding to remove scratches and other blemishes, then compounding the entire car with a light/medium grit compound, followed by a high-speed glazing the car. All the work is done with a high speed wheel, wool cutting pad and foam finish pad. For those who were at the BBQ at Skunkworks late last summer, this is the same thing I did to Jason's SHO, minus the part where I rip a fingernail off. The final result is a smooth, contaminent-free finish with a like-new shine and virtually no swirl marks.

And yes, for every CEG'er who signs up for a resto I'll donate $10 to the CEG

My creds? 7 + years professional detailing with a high speed polisher and a variety of products, specializing in dark colored cars. Here's a little example of my work... this is my 91 SHO after a whole lot of wet sanding and compounding.



I'm presently doing the work at my place in Hartland... I'm 5 minutes from the US-23/M-59 intersection, or about an hour from downtown Detroit. Yeah, gas is high, but without sounding too arrogant you won't find this kind of "detailing" at a detail shop. Most places are afraid to use compound, never mind wet sanding and those are the only ways to remove scratches and clearcoat damage. The work I do is more of what you'd find at a body shop, and people have been quoted as much as $700 for this kind of work. That's why I prefer to call my work "finish restoration" as opposed to detailing, because in reality that what I'm doing... restoring a damaged paint job.

I have a couple different price packages I can offer CEG members:

The "CEG" package at $130 is good for cars with some heavy clearcoat swirl but without major imperfections and includes:

Compounding with a light grit compound to remove surface scuffs and smaller scratches.
A thorough wash to remove all the compouond.
Glazing the finish to remove all the swirls and give you a deep, factory shine.
This process takes 2-3 hours. All the work is done with a high speed polishing wheel, wool cutting pad and foam finish pad.

The "Complete" package, varies by car but not to exceed $220:

Wet sanding as needed on the car to reduce or eliminate major imperfections (larger scratches, scuffs, orange peel, etc.)
Compounding with either a light or medium grit compound to restore sanded areas and remove other, more minor imperfections.
A thorough wash to remove all the compound.
Glazing the finish.
Final carnuba wax for additional swirl removal and paint protection, applied and removed via orbital buffer.
Wheel/tire polish & detail.
Interior/exterior window clean.
Touch up paint on nicks & other scratches as needed (you provide the paint).
This process can take up to 10 hours... it's the most comprehensive finish restoration available short of a new paint job.

I'm available on weekends, shoot me an email for an appointment & specific pricing on larger jobs:


93 ATX SHO Ultra Red
Evil ATX clone to Todras
91 SHO plus black/black, work in progress

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Re: EGL Local Service Resource new
#1248467 (Re: WorldTour) 05/30/06 02:04 PM

I know I dont post much here, but I do lurk alot. I thought I would post up to give another detailing option for those on the "west side".

I have been detailing cars, as a career or hobby, since ~1990 and have worked on everything from beaters to a Bugatti (yes a real one) to boats and motorcycles. I currently work weekends from my home in Belleville and pride myself in quality and attention to detail in cleaning, polishing and removing scratches and swirl marks.

A quick rundown of my process:

Clean degease engine and whell wells with Meguiars APC+
Clean wheels and tires with appropriate cleaners (meguiars, Eagle One, etc)
Wash vehicle using Meguiars car wash shampoo
Remove bugs and tar and rewash those areas
Clay vehicle using Sonus, Meguiars or Clay-Majic clay

Polish to remove swirls, spiderwebs and scratches using Menzerna, Optimum or Meguiars product by machine and foam pads
final polish or glaze, depending on application, for a better than new look
apply one coat of carnuba wax or sealant by Optimum, PoorBoys, Pinnacle, Zaino, etc
seal wheels with Wheel Wax
dress tires with appropriate dressing based on look desired
dress wheel wells

vacuum and spot treat interior and mats
shampoo / hot water extract all carpets and mats
clean vinyl and plastic interior surfaces and protect with 303
clean door jams
clean interior and exterior glass
clean and condition leather seats

All steps listed above generally goes between $130 - 150 based on condition of the vehicle, but some could be higher (SUV's, trucks, extra dirty cars, etc).

Edited by WorldTour (05/30/06 02:10 PM)

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I have no life

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Re: EGL Local Service Resource new
#1264232 (Re: lightngsvt) 06/22/06 12:15 PM

I'm on the West side of the state in Grand Rapids. I offer transmission removal and can then take it to Terry since he's about 20 minutes away. Can do pretty much anything from suspension to general service to 3L swaps. PM for pricing.

-'96 SE MTX 3L
-'98 SVT 1,173 of 6,535
-'05 Mazda 6s, loaded, g/f's ride
-Need a 96-00 manual on CD? PM or email me

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