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Re: Most trouble you've been in new
#680927 (Re: alexey) 08/04/04 06:22 PM

couple of breathalizers....and yes, I passed.

Originally posted by alexey:
What's the biggest trouble that you have been in with the po po ? Concerning driving of course.

btw ive only gotten 1 speeding ticket so nothing major

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Re: Most trouble you've been in new
#680980 (Re: TGO) 08/04/04 07:38 PM

1983 - 15 years old on a YZ 125. driving with a buddie on a public dirt road between 2 sandpits. A cop saw us and we took off. The cop radio'd in a Supercop (what we called Police officers that drove Dual purpose dirtbikes) He was chasing us for 10 minutes through in a sand pit till he called in another supercop, so we took off into the woods and lost em. We then did the single track for about an hour more and went home. There was a corner store close to where we lived and we went there for some junk food and soda and as we were chewing the fat in the front of the store, the cop pulls up and we had an "oh sh!t" look drawn across our faces. I've never seen a bigger smile on an officer's face. He was cool about it though and he gave us a tongue lashing about all the laws we broke. Turns out when he saw us driving on the public road, he just wanted to tell us just drive on the trail that was beside the road.

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Re: Most trouble you've been in new
#680989 (Re: IonNinja) 08/04/04 07:59 PM

i had been modifying my gsxr-750 for a month or two, and hadn't ridden since i started working on it. i got it buttoned up at around midnight or so one night, and had to ride it... you know how that goes! so i threw on my leathers and took it out. i stayed pretty slow through the neighborhood, only doing 35 in a 25. i rolled through a stop sign, continued on, turned onto the main road and took it up to about 90 or so (in a 45) before i saw the lights behind me. my registration had expired in the time i was working on it, and i didn't have proof of insurance, or my drivers license for that matter. so the tally went like this:

expired plates
no registration
no insurance
no drivers license
35 in a 25
two rolled stop signs
and 90 in a 45.

apparently he was behind me for quite some time.. lmao!

thankfully, he was a friend of a friend of mine on the force. i dropped my friends name like a hot potato while i was sitting in the back of the squad car. the officer just gave me a look, and told me that when people drop names, he usually gives them the full penalty that he can. but... he was a good friend of my friends, and my friend had actually talked to him about some of our streetracing days of yore (we both had pretty nice mustangs).

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Re: Most trouble you've been in new
#681005 (Re: MxRacer) 08/04/04 08:20 PM

18 years old, 89 honda accord- 75 in a 35 past an off duty cop, locked the brakes around a corner and then got knicked by an on duty cop for doing 55 in a 35 in very thick fog...shi*ty part was i got the ticket and a lashing from both cops right in front of my recruiters window needless to say i joined the navy shortly after.

21 years old, CSVT- get knicked for reckless driving, erradic(sp?) lane change, speeding, exhibition of speed, no seatbelt and no recon permit and he was about to let me go with just the recon and got a call from the station that i had a warrant for my arrest from a seatbelt ticket 2 years prior i saw jailbars for about an hour before my boy bailed me out

ive been pulled over at least 40-50 times (no exageration) and have gotten about 6 tickets since i got my license...but its all gone on this next insurance cycle

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I have no life

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Re: Most trouble you've been in new
#681016 (Re: Kremithefrog) 08/04/04 08:34 PM

Originally posted by Kremithefrog:
Verbal warning.

Since this post has been resurrected a year later, I'll update my post. I got a ticket for 83 in a 65 but got it dismissed in court.

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Nate S
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Re: Most trouble you've been in new
#681023 (Re: Kremithefrog) 08/04/04 08:40 PM

55 in a 35. i was really going 75 though, so i was just thankful i didnt get radar'ed at that speed.

i need a radar detector.

that was my only ticket, dont plan on getting another one.
i got a verbal warning the other day because apparently in minnesota they don't allow license plate covers, that and i was going a little fast though. "im sorry officer (shows ohio license) i just moved here and i dont know what the speed limit is!" worked great

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Re: Most trouble you've been in new
#681030 (Re: Nate S) 08/04/04 08:49 PM

I didn't want to wait for the red light when I was crossing the main highway, so I ran the yellow misjudging the bumps in the road. Bottomed out and then the front tires became airborne. I locked them up after crashing down the front end, didn't sound pretty at all. College campus police was across the street at McDonald's and saw the whole thing.

Warning though, along with a "You almost caused one helluva wreck back there."

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Re: Most trouble you've been in new
#681044 (Re: SAV) 08/04/04 09:12 PM

Um, nothing?

One can conclude this in one of two ways:
1) I lead a boring life
2) I have a lot of sheer dumb luck

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Re: Most trouble you've been in new
#681058 (Re: SAV) 08/04/04 09:38 PM

OK, last summer my friend Tim and I went up to this guy's apartment in Springfield (about an hour away) to chill. We drank some "herbal" tea that the guy made. He said it would relax us, but didn't mention what it was. I asked him if it was legal, and he said yes. Then we got bored after about an hour or two and set out for home.

We got pulled over about halfway home because an ambulance had been following us for awhile and radioed ahead. Apparently we both began wildly hallucinating about 20 minutes after we left, and I kept trying to drive "in the fast lane", but we weren't on the interstate; we were on a regular highway. So I was just driving in the wrong lane, and every time a car would come at us I would snap out of it and get back into the right lane. They said I wasn't swerving, just driving in the wrong lane.

So they pulled us over and took me to jail after searching my car (and finding nothing), and sent Tim on his way on foot with both his cell phone and my cell phone, but two dead batteries. So he had to walk twelve miles back to Monett at two in the morning, hallucinating his ass off, LOL. He talked to a lot of his friends by the side of the road, but every time he'd glance away and look back they would vanish. :O

They took me and drew blood to send away for analysis, and held me in jail for like four hours. Wrote me a ticket for a DUI and improper lane change.

The bloodwork got lost in the mail, so my lawyer got it dropped no problem.

And that "herbal" tea turned out to be ground-up Jimsonweed (datura) seeds. It's a quasi-toxic hallucinogen that apparently grows in the ditches around here.

That was a crazy night. I talked to a lotta dead people in the jail cell. It was kinda freaky, since I didn't know what the hell was going on.

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Re: Most trouble you've been in new
#681088 (Re: Savior) 08/04/04 10:57 PM


i was pulled over at 4am for doing 85 in a 65 on the 55 north at 17th street. i lie and tell the cops that i have no idea how fast i was going. they assume that i am drunk and give me every field sobriety test in the book including saying the alphabet backwards twice which i pass easily(thank you private school) and blowing a 0.0 twice. the white cop wants to haul me in for dui anyway. the latino cop convinces him not to because i am clearly not intoxicated and that will be false arrest. and the clincher is that i did not drink then nor do i drink now.


i was late for school and i would be dropped if i didn't show up in the next 5 minutes. one week before finals. the officer had me at 88 in a 40. i was the only one on the road at the time so i was not endangering anyone. he becomes quite angry when i say i am late for class when asked what i thought i was doing at which point he detains me for 30 minutes, curses me severely, and nearly huals me in. he tells me that i am receiving leniancy(sp?) because i was polite and treated him with respect. i get to class where i am told that i have been dropped. there goes my A. so i show them the ticket and tell the t.a.'s my story and they let me back in out of pity for the fine i will pay. 1 count of exceeding the max posted speed limit and 1 count of exceeding the max allowed speed limit. traffic school for only one count (pre traffic school 2). $480ish.

lucky bastard:

i was caught doing 50 in a 25 in newport beach hours after completing traffic school. 4 buddies and i crammed in my supercab ford ranger. i tell the cop that i am color blind (true) which caused me not to be able to see the four speed limit signs i had passed in the prior mile (not true). he lets me go with a written warning.

this was when i was young and stupid. i have since become a responsible adult. most of the other stories are not repeatable here.

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"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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