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Re: So... Why did you join? new
#1275957 (Re: m!key) 07/11/06 11:58 AM

wow mikey that was quite in-depth. as hard to follow that as it is, ill do what i can...

ive had my share of mutt cars..87 supra with infinite miles and double blown-headgaskets. then a teal grand prix that i sold for more than i paid a year earlier.

i think i saw my first sil-frost svt somewhere around 2000 and couldnt keep my eyes off it. i loved the look of mk4 supras without the spoiler and oddly enough thats exactly what it reminded me of. almost forgot about it for a while until i saw a t-red on the road while looking for a replacement for my grand prix(around 2005) my funds only allowed me to spend $6000 max so i was in the market for newer 240's, maximas, and maybe even a cheap sc400.. i put the svt at the top of my list and with some patience i found a deal within 15 miles.

i couldnt test drive it because i couldnt drive stick but the tone it gave off sold me (my mom drove it) put it on 'layaway' that day and came to pick it up a the next weekend off from school. learned to drive it the next morning with my mom teaching me for about an hour. then drove it alone up to new york for a rball tournament.
been in love ever since cant keep my eyes off it and drive it whenever i get the chance
oh yeah, i found ceg googling i think. great, generous, helpful group of people

- 98 SVT #5999 -.
-CDA-7894 w/ ipod interface
-Knauberized, Trubendz 2.5/highflow cat

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Re: So... Why did you join? new
#1275961 (Re: BrApple) 07/11/06 12:01 PM

husband bought an SVT, and found the site within days of his purchase after googling "contour".
He wouldn't stop talking about the site, so I finally joined when I was in the market for my own car.
Planned on getting an SVT Cougar, until they axed it. Was in love with the looks of the Cougar, so I decided against going SVT Contour. I got a C2 instead, but still stuck around the site.
Bought the GL in 2002 off of baco99.

1995 Contour GL

Needs less "needs more"

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Re: So... Why did you join? new
#1275963 (Re: AliasJerk™) 07/11/06 12:06 PM

My stoy of how I came accross this automotive platform starts with the death of its predicessor.

I used to own a Tempo 2 Door with an auto trans, but one day I screwed up on the freeway and ended up going backwards into the center divider at 70 mph, completly totaling the car. Luckily crashing backwards made it the most comfy crash you could have. I had no injuries neither did my friend who side took the brunt of the damage.

A few days later I needed a new car and I needed one soon. It had to be cheap and reliable (failed on this one),those were the only two stipulations. The first car I and my Father came accross was a Chevy Mystique, in the local classifieds. Obviously miss claissifyed the mistake gave me an advantage on finding the car first as all others looking looking for a mercury would skip over the Chevy section.

I called the owner and talked to him about the condition of the vehcial, and by the way he described it was near perfect.

Latter on in the day my family and I drove over to take a look. It was a clean 99 Mercury Mystique with 34,000 miles on the clock with a asking price of 4,400. The price seemd fair and we decided to take a test drive. While the engine performance wasn't stunning it was fater then my tempo was. And given that the engine was running well I decided this car would have to do. Drove back to the owner blah blah blah and ended up picking it up for $4K.

I learned to enjoy the car later on, initailly it was very boring amfm casset 14 inch steelies and a brown interior. Plane and boring. Then I did the best upgrade I have ever done on a car. A set of 15 x 6.5 rage breaker rims, and some warrior tires. Even though the tires weren't the sporties the added with and the shorrter sidewall really woke up the cars handling. It was a blast to drive fast threw 90 degree turns and moutain roads. It really put a smile on my face.

Unfortuantly about a year later I got a CEL that would never go away, and it went down hill from there, over heating auto trans wouldn't start in the cold, horrible idle. I got sick of the problems.

But not sick enough to jump platforms. For my next car I decided to remedy all the past problems. Slow rough unreliable zetec was replaced with a 2.5 duratec. Overheating Auto with a 5 speed. Lame brown cloth interior Midnight Blue leather. Hell everything in my new SVT contour is an upgrade over the Mystique. Its truly an awsome car, and I hope to have it for some time to come.

I joined CEG to try to find a way to fix my ailing Mystique but have enjoyed other aspects of this forum quite a bit lately. is my fav forum but this one is quickly catching up.

Ok thats more then enough

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Re: So... Why did you join? new
#1275970 (Re: Frosty) 07/11/06 12:12 PM

About 7 years ago I saw a CAR for sale in my home town. My parents and I were out to go something to eat and we passed this silver car for sale on the side of the road. I demanded that we turn around and go look at it, so we did. When I got out, I was unaware of what exactly it was but was in total awe! It was a 99 SVT Contour with tint, 17" rims, lowered and with an exhaust. I immediately fell in love with these cars. Now at this time I knew there was absolutely no way I'd afford that car being very young and still in high school. So I walked away from it and said to my father, "I will own an SVT contour one day, mark my words." 5 or so years later I graduate high school and land a pretty decent job. I realized that my 1990 Camaro RS just wouldn't cut it anymore for the 50+ mile round trip to work everyday. So I began shopping and immediately looking for SVT's. Despite the hard road picking one out, I finally found the right one. I met my Dad at work and the salesmen drove it out for the test drive. After the test drive we came back agreed on a price and I picked it up later that week.

I remember seeing another SVT at a local shop and upon checking it out it had a big bubbly www . contour . org in blue on the back bumper. I didnt really think much of it becuase I was totally unaware of the whole forum/ online carr communities. Later, I randomly see a CEG'er named (aliasjerk) as I'm passing through his home town. We talk very breifly and he says, "hey, get on" I've been a fuggin addict ever since!!!

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Re: So... Why did you join? new
#1275980 (Re: RawBurt) 07/11/06 12:29 PM

i didn't have a car. the contour was free gift from my mother. so i googled "ford contour" and found my way here. the end.


2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition
20 valves of fury

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Re: So... Why did you join? new
#1275986 (Re: Nezerconezer) 07/11/06 12:36 PM

Back in 2000, I graduated High School. Instead of jumping into college, I landed a pretty good drafting job, but it was a ~40 minute drive from home. I was driving my 93 Taurus SHO that had a bunch of miles, and wasn't proving to be the most reliable car in the world.
I didn't have any credit, coming out of High School with no credit cards or loans. I finally talked my Grandpa into co-signing a loan for me, and he was open to the idea of me buying what I wanted. At the time, what I had my eyes on, were LS1 Trans Am WS6's. I told him I found the one I wanted(Peuter, 18" Y2K Vette wheels all around, Borla exhaust, B&M shifter. Drove 3 hours with my girlfriend at the time, to test drive the car. It was perfect.
On the way home, I call my Grandpa to let him know I found the car I want to buy. Evidently, he had a change of heart, and didn't want me getting into something RWD, and with that much power. So I was back at the starting blocks. I looked through Auto & RV's, trying to get an idea of what I wanted. Saw a used CSVT for sale, and thought I'd look around locally for one. I was going to look for a used one, drive it for a while, and then buy the WS6 down the road. Went to the local Ford dealership, and there sat, a brand new black CSVT. It was the only color I was interested in.
So the next day, I head up there with my Mom and Brother. We test drive the car, and right then, I knew it had to be mine. It had 260 miles on the car, and they wanted $19,999.00 which was their "no-haggle price." So I traded in the SHO, and drove off in the SVT that next day.
So, since August 21, or 2000 I haven't been able to part with this car. It's paid off, it's reliable, and flat out fun to drive. Everytime I do something to it, whether it be an upgrade, or just something maintenance related, it feels like a brand new car again. I still love walking out to my garage, after almost 6 years of ownership, and getting into my baby.


2000 Black CSVT
3.0L Hybrid - 206fwhp & 195fwtq

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Re: So... Why did you join? new
#1275987 (Re: Y2KSVT) 07/11/06 12:44 PM

Bought my black SE in Aug 98. A month after I bought it the coolant light came on. Took it to the dealer and they said it was faulty wiring. Was replaced and a week later the light was back on. I'm like F this I'll fix it myself and searched the web and found Bought a KKM intake...then Dynomax muffler... and then a....

-'96 SE MTX 3L
-'98 SVT 1,173 of 6,535
-'05 Mazda 6s, loaded, g/f's ride
-Need a 96-00 manual on CD? PM or email me

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Why did I join? new
#1276012 (Re: AliasJerk™) 07/11/06 01:50 PM

Got the first Contour on an Ebay auction. CS said they were reasonably reliable and the car was CHEAP.

On the way home, the CEL came on. A week later I started searching for info on how to get that %@*&%)^ light to turn off and found CEG.

Never looked back. Great site Lance & great resource CEG! Thanks millions!

Now on my 3rd Contique. May yet own a Cougar...

Must be that jumbly-wumbly thing happening again.

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Re: Why did I join? new
#1276029 (Re: TourDeForce) 07/11/06 02:12 PM

you guys can thank newman for introducing my reign of terror here on CEG. long before i was even considering owning one, i was prowling the audio, common interests, and EGL forums (especially when he would send me a link to a thread that was particularly humorous). when the time came to get a different car, i had a few different options... but i had always liked the CSVT. so where would the best place to look for a modified, well taken care of CSVT be? why here of course!

so i officially joined and perused the classifieds until i came across a car i liked, and have been pissing people off ever since.

02 Mustang GT... Tuned by Nelsons. Low 12's, anyone?


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Re: Why did I join? new
#1276033 (Re: MxRacer) 07/11/06 02:17 PM

Ya sweet story, get a life.

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