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Re: NorthEast CEG Classifieds new
#1228899 (Re: Buddy Palumbo) 05/01/06 11:53 AM

Puff is up for sale again. I traded her for a Gen I SHO from a good friend of mine in Mass who now has no room for it. You can find him on He's told me what he's going to ask for it and it's not a lot so if you're interested contact either him or myself for the lowdown.
Legal stuff I can post:

One 1998 3L SVT Contour for sale.
Vehicle is black with midnight blue leather interior. Engine swap has approximately 20k miles on it - vehicle has 123k total. Car received a newer transmission ala 2000 Cougar with 17k miles.

Upgrades include:
*Taurus 3L short block
*Taurus 3L int/exh valves on 2.5L head
*Mild head porting (CR = ~10.7:1)
*Knife edged crank
*SPEC stage 1 clutch
*Fidanza flywheel
*B&M short throw shifter
*FMS 24# injectors
*JDM tuned chip
*CTA intake pipe
*MSDS headers
*MSDS Y-pipe
*3" Catco main cat
*Brullen 2.5" loud cat-back with center resonator
*BAT struts
*Eibach springs
*BAT caster/camber plates
*BAER 13” track kit w/ PBR pads
*Velox light weight 17x7.5” wheels
*Performance Fords Streetlink
*Some other headunit
*xtant 403a amp
*JL 12w3 sub in a bottom fired box
*K&N air filter
*Ichiban racing pedals
*Chickenhawkracing CF IMRC cover

Latest dyno yielded ~ 203 fwhp and 187 lb/ft of torque with the JDM chip which still has room for added tuning (raise RPM limit, etc).

*The mileage may be a little off...

Now owner of 0 SVT's.
my web page

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Buddy PalumboModerator
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Re: NorthEast CEG Classifieds new
#1228910 (Re: Buddy Palumbo) 05/01/06 12:26 PM

** FOR SALE **

2 Sony 12" subs in a sealed box

Sony XS-L1200B subs
RMS 50-200 watt ea.
Peak 800 watt ea.
4-layer voice coil
Subs sound GREAT !

box is seperated into 2 sections for almost 1.25 cu. ft. each sub .

PM me for more info & price / offer

Local pickup only (not gonna ship this heavy sucka )



~~~~~~~ Phil
Black & Tan 2000 SVT Contour #2137 of 2150

35,000 miles & counting !

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Re: NorthEast CEG Classifieds new
#1237244 (Re: Buddy Palumbo) 05/12/06 04:41 AM

Hello I have a black 98.5 SVT I am selling. It has 143k Highway.Runs ok Check engine light is on and there is some hesitation when you get on it. Also needs a hub berring and AC needs to be refilled. I am located in Suffolk county on Longisland. AIM= PLAYAZPREZ2000 MSN= PLAYAZPREZ@HOTMAIL.COM

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Re: NorthEast CEG Classifieds new
#1243210 (Re: Buddy Palumbo) 05/22/06 09:28 PM

looking to buy a svt rear bumper. color does not matter.looking for one around $150.
also wtb - svt exhaust cheap.
modded y pipe

G/f's black 99se sport 5 speed
2 1/2 test pipe-custom cat back 3 single tip
cai with kn3530
safc optimized tb
8mm plug wires
spec stage 1 clutch
svt front bumper

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Auto-X Fil
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Re: NorthEast CEG Classifieds new
#1250975 (Re: Buddy Palumbo) 06/02/06 12:14 PM

FS: complete, working A/C system, or parts from it. PM for info.

-Philip Maynard
'95 Contour [71 STS | Track Whore]
'97 Miata [71 ES | Boulevard Pimp]
2006 autocross results

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Re: NorthEast CEG Classifieds new
#1260524 (Re: Auto-X Fil) 06/16/06 12:12 PM

1998 Ford SVT Contour with around 67,000 miles
T-Red with Midnight Blue Interior

Vin Number: Email me if you want it.

Harrisburg PA 17111

I have decided to sell my csvt. I’ve loved this car since the day I’ve owned it. I’m looking to upgrade to a truck in the near future since I just bought a bike and need something to haul it. It currently has around 66,500 miles on it. It’s my daily driver so it will have more in a couple of days. I've owned this car for a little over a year and a half I think closer to two years. The car was just PA state inspected and emissions in April so its good till April of 07. This car has ran great in the almost 2 years I’ve owned it. I drive it to Philadelphia once a week which is about 110 miles one way. I drove it to the beach about 2 times which is about a 4 hour one way. In Feb of this year I drove it to Tampa, Fl, which door to door was 1,100 miles one way(17 hours stright). I drive it daily to and from work which is 15 miles one way and around town at night. Car runs great doesn’t burn any oil, clutch grabs great, shifts great, rides smooth and stops on a dime. All the options work the ac blows ice cold air and the heat works great as well.

Check out the classifieds or PM for info

Harrisburg PA 17111

The exterior of the car looks pretty good but has some rough spots. I am missing 2 of the
jack covers, which can be found on here or Ebay for cheap. It looks like sometime before I had the car it was completely repainted. Not the best paint job but not bad at all. I was involved in one accident where a lady pulled out in front of me about 2 months ago. The only damage was to the front drivers side. All that is wrong with it is the front bumper lost some of the paint that’s all. Could very easily be sanded and repainted. There is 2 small marks on the rear bumper that might be able to be buffed out. The previous owner said he backed into a fence. Only marks no dents. There is one small dent on the roof rite above the driver’s side door. Doesn’t cause any leaks or any other problems. Don’t know what happened here something while I was camping one weekend must have fell on it, like a tree branch. The wheels have fairly new tires with about 10k miles on them by now I'd say. The wheels are from a 01 focus they are 16s and don’t have one mark on them. The stock csvt wheels with all 4 center caps and beat tires are included as well. I’d say the exterior is a 7 out of 10.

The brakes on the car have around 10k miles on them. About a year ago I put on 4 brand
new cross drilled and slotted rotors. At the same time I replaced the front pads and the
original rear pads were ok so I didn’t bother. Well about a couple weeks ago I replace
the rear pads with brand new ones. So the front I’d say has about 1/2 to 1/3 of there life
left and the rears have at least 7/8’s life left.

The seats in the car are great no rips tears or burns. The carpet and mats are clean as well. I just put the new style cup holders in the car as well. I’d say the interior is at least a 9 out of 10. Like stated above everything works perfectly, sunroof, windows, locks, mirrors, power seat you name it and it works great. The only thing on the inside that doesn’t work is the cruise control. A couple months back before I drove to Florida I tried to fix the cruise control. I first bought a new cruise unit which did not end up fixing the problem. I then bought a new set of buttons and clock spring. These didn’t fix the problem either. So right before my trip I took it to ford and they did there 100pt test or whatever its called and found out the problem has to do with there is a kill switch that is attached to the brake pedel and its not working so it must be replaced. Well I never got around to it because I had to have the car to go on the trip. I have the receipt for this with a part number of what you need and I know its only around $10. The other set of cruise buttons, the cruise unit and the old clock spring are all included as well. Like stated above the ac and heat work great along with the rear defrost and everything else on the inside.

Like I stated before if you do not want all this stuff I will remove it for a lower price and install a Sony cd/mp3 player and a set of 4 earthquake 6.5’s.

Below is what all is in the car and you get if you want it. If you buy the following off me I will also include the Sony cd/mp3 player and the earthquake 6.5’s on top of all this below.
- Clarion vrx745vd 7” flip out touch screen dvd player. This is a great unit. You can hook up a lot of accessories to it such as I have below and also things like the sirus and dvd changer and a lot of other accessories. This was over $1,500 brand new
- Clarion 6 disc cd changer with mag (works great never skips)
- Clarion TV Tuner with antenna (great picture even when moving)
- Wired for a ps2 but no ps2 included
- All wires were purchased from tweeter which are monster cable and probley the best name in wiring.
- Four JL audio 5x7s. One in each door. Sound great
- Two JL audio 10w3v2 d4s in a JL box sound great and hit extremely hard.
- Power Acoutisk amp which works great lights up blue and hits hard as hell. I have about 8 of these amps they are my favorite of all time work great and sound even better.

I’ve done a lot of extensive work under the hood of this car. Reason being is one simple thing. Since the day I bought the car its had a check engine light on throwing codes P0172 and P0175. They mean bank one and bank two are running rich. When I first bought the car I figured I’d be able to fix this problem easy maybe with some new O2’s or a vacum leak or something. Well its gone much farther then that now. Below is a list of parts I replaced and like I said only for the sole reason to try and get rid of this light. Cars never broke down and starts right up every morning even in the dead of winter. I’ve never put anything under 93 in the tank and I’ve also kept up with doing oil changes at least every 3,000 miles. When I bought the car since I didn’t know much history I flushed all the fluids and changed all the filters. Like I said I’ve probley put around 20k on the car since I’ve owned it and this check engine light has never given me a problem. I’ve talked to ford techs that only work on this motor and they all seem to think its either something simple that I’ve over looked or that it’s a bug/glitch in the computer. Now I’ve passed inspection because in my area for emissions testing you only have to pass 4 out of the 6 tests which this car passed. I don’t know about your county but mine is pretty strict.

There is also a small very small exhaust leak coming from one of the manifolds. I bought the gaskets to fix the problem but never got around to installing them. This could simply be the check engine lights problem. But that’s just a guess there and its not very bad so it never bothered me. Now the alternater I replaced about 6 months ago. Well last week the car wouldn’t start. Checked my battery and it was beat. So I just put a brand new battery in the car last week. It now starts up everytime no problem. But I have been keeping an eye on the alternater and the volts are reading between 13.6 and 13.8 under light load and idel. That is enough but not that great which means the alternater needs to be replaced soon. Now like I said I bought this one brand new so if you remove it ship it too me I will go to advanced auto parts and get a new one and ship it back to you. Now I gotta check the receipt and make sure its still under warrenty which it should be. But we will figure that out if your serious about buying the car. Its no easy job but can be done you just need to set aside a day or two to do it. I’ve put over $2,000 in just parts trying to just simply fix this check engine light. Here is a list of parts under the hood that are brand new.

- Brand New MAF from ford. I will give you the old one as well.
- 2 brand new exhaust manifold gaskets not yet installed. Like stated above this could be the reason for the check engine light.
- Brand new air filter
- Brand New fuel filter
- Brand new Battery, about 1 week ago
- Brand New Alternater which like stated above might be under warrenty but does need to be replaced.
- Brand new fuel pressure regulator
- Brand new injector o rings
- Brand new iat linkage, I think that’s what its called
- Brand new gaskets on both the upper and lower intake manifolds. Also were removed and cleaned really good. This on the svt needs to be done from time to time but I cleaned it pretty good so you should be good for a couple years.
- Brand new iac I think that’s it and PVC valve to. Been awhile since I was in there sorry if I didn’t get them correct.
- Brand New plugs and wires
- Four Brand new o2 sensors
- Brand new water pump with metal impellar
- Brand new water pump gasket
- Brand new water pump belt
- Brand new drive belt

As of right now that’s all I can think of. Some of the parts I have receipts for, others I have the old parts I removed and replaced for proof because I didn’t save every single receipt but I did save some. Also when I say above Brand New that means that when I installed the item it was brand new. Might have been last week might have been last year. Ask me and I will tell you when I did whatever part you would like to know. If you go on and look up info on the two codes I said it throws you will find that 90% of this stuff I replaced is on the list of things to check or replace. In my basement I have a lot of spare parts that I will toss in with this car. Like I stated there is a stock maf, stock wheels, all the old parts I ripped off like fuel pressure regulator, I even kept the old used gaskets, theres exhaust gaskets, all the extra cruise control parts, plus lots more. Anything I can find that pertains to this tour will go with the car. The work I’ve done to this car is work that doesn’t need done unless theres a problem so honestly I believe this car with little to no problems could easy do another 65,000 miles trouble free. Like I said 90% of the stuff I replaced I replaced hoping it to be the problem and none of it worked. As I stated it could be something very simple.

Come take a look at the car, test drive it and check out the stereo components. I tried my best to describe this car as honestly as I could and I don’t think I left anything out. I would really like to sell this car soon so please email me if you are interested.

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Re: NorthEast CEG Classifieds new
#1261574 (Re: JayNHL) 06/18/06 12:52 PM

its time the contour must go!!!!

for all the members that don't know about my car here is a list of what all she has done to it.

first off the contour is a 1998 LX v6 5sp as bare bone as you can get them so no power windows or door locks in this one not even a folding rear seat, but all that stuff just adds weight lol. Mileage wise she just turned 100,000 last week. Ok ok here is the list of goodies to be found on her.

1. super chips computer chip
2. k&n cold air intake
3. svt throttle body
4. upper and lower manifolds cleaned out about 20,000 miles ago with optimizing of the egr passage ways and throttle body opening in the upper intake manifold.
5. dual mode damper
6. under driven power steering pump pulley
7. gator back serpentine belts
8. new power steering pump
9. metal impeller water pump
10. 2001 mercury cougar trans axl with updated internals and shift tower hat
11. spec stage 1 clutch
12. msds header and y pipe with mil elimators
13. magnaflow high flow cat
14. magnaflow resanator
15. basani svt dual exhaust
16. eibach springs
17. bat struts
18. bendix rotors and pads

I think that just about does it for the list if anyone is intrested please shoot me a pm with a reasonable offer. Also Luca knows alot about my car so if you can't get ahold of me I am sure she can tell you how the car was maintained


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Contour Wheel FS new
#1271769 (Re: Buddy Palumbo) 07/04/06 06:48 AM

FS: One (1) 6-spoke SE alloy wheel. Fine condition

Call Zee: 610-258-2056

1995 Contour GL, 118K 2.0L MTX

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Re: NorthEast CEG Classifieds new
#1271797 (Re: Buddy Palumbo) 07/04/06 01:15 PM

For sale or will be given to a charity.

1995 Contour, Non running, body in good shape, No Wheels. The fly wheel may be broken wont start.

email me or call 646 210-5530


95 Contour SE
9mm Ford Motor Sport Plugs

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Re: NorthEast CEG Classifieds new
#1279903 (Re: Buddy Palumbo) 07/17/06 02:10 AM

Want to buy SVT front grill with chrome trim ring in great condition. The grill mesh must be in tact with no cracks or chips.

PM me with the price if anyone has one to sell.

I call my E0 Claire.
24 hour what?

I'm looking to buy a like-new condition SVT grill, and a shift knob that works with the reverse lever PM me with the details.

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