GTO Pete
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02/09/06 04:56 AM
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3. Do not post Ebay links to every single thing!
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But do not post "I found a set a 4 E1s on ebay" or "Here's a link to ebay auction for OEM CD/radio".

1. A simple search on Ebay for "SVT Contour" brings all that up - there's no need to post it here!

2. CEGers are watching those items to get a good price - posting the link makes the watchers unhappy!

3. How do we know YOU are not spamming your own item for sale?

GTO Pete
(Hard-core CEG'er)
02/09/06 04:56 AM
***Read First Before Posting***

Q: I'm considering buying a Contour/Mystique:
- are they reliable?
- what are the issues?
- what are the pros and cons?

A: FAQ: Contour Reliability/Issues/Pros/Cons

Q: I want to know how much my car is worth, where can I check?
Q: Is $xx a good price?
A: - -

Prices of used cars will vary dependent on the market and where you live. Use the above sites to get a good idea of the Fair Market Value of your car / the car you are looking at.

The following are examples of posts that will be removed:
"Is this a good/fair price?"
"I'm selling for $xx, is it too much?"

********** Forum FAQ **********

Example of an exemplary new CEGer

Q: I want to sell something, where do I post?
A: Classifieds For sale / Want to buy posts will be deleted.

Q: How do I post Pictures on CEG?
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Bill Jenkins Announcement

GTO Pete
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02/09/06 04:57 AM
***Read First Before Posting***

********** Vehicle FAQ **********

Q: Where do I find my paint code?
A: Aesthetics FAQ / Sticky
A: Inside the drivers side door on the sticker. It lists the paint code as a 2 letter code. For example Toreador Red is FL.

Q: How do I get my production number / SVT certificate?
A: You need the last 6 digits of your VIN# and call 1-800-FORD-SVT. It will cost ~$20-30 to get the certificate.

Q: What is E1? What is E0?
A: Click here for answer

Q: How many gallons is the Contique fuel tank?
A: 14.5 gallons

Q: How do I roll the rear windows down all the way?
A: You can't roll the rear windows all the way down due to the shape of the rear doors.

Q: How do I fold my rear seats down?
A: If your seats don't have a split in them, they don't fold down. If they do, there are pull knobs located in the upper part of the inside of the trunk.

Q: Is it ok to use non-premium / non-high octane gas in my SVT?
A: May result in engine knock. Long term "problems" / "issues" are debatable. SVT manual and printed on car is to use premium fuel. It is recommended to do so, but it's your car.
Long discussion.

Q: How do I know if I have keyless entry?
A: The only way is to look for the electronic transmittor box and antenna for the keyless entry behind the glove box.

Squeeze in both sides of the glove box to clear the plastic tags and let the box swing down towards the floor.

If your Contour has the premium sound system, you will see an amphlifier (finned metal box) directly behind the glovebox. Contours with premium sound have "premium sound" on the speaker grills.

If you have premium sound, unbolt / remove the amphlifier.

If you have keyless entry, you will see a a grey plastic box (approximately 3" X 5") with a black radio antenna cable plugged into it.

If you car didn't come with keyless entry, then its a major job to add it because Ford did not intall the extra wiring harnesses in cars that did not come with the system from the factory. I bought the transmittor and antenna from a junkyard, prior to checking if my 95 SE had the wiring harnesses. I went back to the junkyard to get the wiring harnesses and found out that I would have to rip the entire dash apart to remove the harnesses. KKSPORT

Search: keyless entry

Q: What is the "pocket" in the dash next to the gauges?
A: Click here for answer

Q: MTX: Coast-Brake or Engine-Brake?
A: Click here for discussion

Q: "I saw a Contour/Mystique with a cloth top - is it custom?"
A: Some Contours and Mystiques were made available with cloth tops.

GTO Pete
(Hard-core CEG'er)
05/31/06 12:53 PM
************ Read First Before Posting ***********

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SVT is no longer

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