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Re: Water Pump Woes

Originally posted by Bill1:
... If it's the bolts just swapping them one at a time should pull it tight, right?

I don't know. If you're going through so much trouble (remove battery, tray, etc.) to get to the WP, you might as well replace the gasket.

Anyway, here is Ford's official howto. I wonder if the pump housing is broken. Is the impeller spinning freely or is it "loose" on the housing?

Water Pump

1. Drain engine cooling system.

2. Remove water pump pulley shield.

3. Rotate water pump drive belt tensioner clockwise to relieve tension on drive belt. Remove drive belt from water pump and water pump drive pulley.

4. Remove water pump inlet and outlet hoses from water pump.

5. Remove three water pump-to-LH cylinder head retaining bolts and remove water pump from engine.

6. If required, separate water pump from water pump housing and remove water pump drive belt tensioner.

7. Inspect water pump and hoses for wear or damage. Replace components as required.


1. Clean water pump-to-water pump housing gasket sealing surfaces using a wire brush, if required.

2. If removed, install water pump to water pump housing with a new gasket. Tighten water pump to water pump housing retaining bolts to 22-25 N-m (16-18 lb-ft).

3. CAUTION: Water pump retaining bolts must be replaced with new bolts. They are torque-to-yield designed and cannot be reused.

Install water pump and new torque-to-yield water pump retaining bolts onto LH cylinder head. Tighten new water pump retaining bolts to 15-18 N-m (11-13 lb-ft), then rotate retaining bolts 85-95 degrees.

4. If removed, install water pump drive belt tensioner to water pump housing. Tighten retaining bolt to 8-12 N-m (71-106 lb-in).

5. Lubricate water pump inlet and outlet hoses with Silicone Lubricant C0AZ-19553-AA or D7AZ-19553-AA or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESR-M13P4-A. Install water pump inlet and outlet hoses onto water pump. Install water pump outlet hose spring clamp securely.

6. Rotate water pump drive belt tensioner clockwise and install water pump drive belt. Carefully release drive belt tensioner.

7. Install water pump pulley shield as outlined.

8. Fill engine cooling system.

9. Run engine and check for coolant leaks.

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