(Hard-core CEG\'er)
12/17/04 03:19 AM
Wooo! more problems! ATX issues.

simple as above! I will just explain what its doing,

ok, on long drives.. going about 80-100 km/h is quite interesting, from a stop... when I give it half throttle... as soon as the car goes into 4th gear, the tourqe convertor locks on instantly.. like that feeling of a 5th gear? the problem is, as soon as the car goes into 4th, it engages INSTANTLY... and the car sounds like its boggin! then it gets worse! once im cruising along at 80km/h-100km/h the car will constantly disengage and engage the tourqe convertor (at least thast what I beleive it is) I can hear the RPM's jump up... then jump back down, then up, then down... every 2-5 minuits or so!

then the famous O/D light will sometimes flash! once that happens all hell breaks loose! I come to a stop and when accelerating the car will SLAM, and I mean SLAM into the gears! to the point where it acually will chirp the tires slightly. it hits into 2nd so damn hard everyones heads in the car snap back! once I shut off the car for the night it usually goes away! its very random! when the o/d light flashs... but the tourqe convertor thing.. it does it all the time! drives me insane!

tranny is dieing in my opinion! just want to hear what you guys have to say! thanks!


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