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Originally posted by CRZYDRVR:
Originally posted by AliasJerk:
You shouldnt ever switch to synthetic, a synthetic oil should ONLY be used from the start of the car, less then 10K miles. Or else it WILL leak.

Nonsense. I have seen otherwise too many times to believe that.

Agreed. I switched my SVT over a year ago with no ill effects. Not to mention every expert article I've ever read about long-term storage of vehicles recommends putting in synthetic oil right before you store, even if you normally use regular dino oil.

Possibly what happened here was that there was a leak about to happen, and the detergents in the synthetic oil of choice cleaned out some deposits somewhere, causing the leak. I know of people who switched to synthetic after years of dino oil use who reported "chunks" or "gobs" of crap coming out on their next oil change because of the cleaning agents in synthetic oils.

Here's what ExxonMobil has to say about it:


Mobil 1 will leak out of the seals of older cars.

Mobil 1 does not cause leaks. In fact, new Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ was tested in dozens of industry standard and OEM tests to prove its seal performance. It is fully compatible with the elastomeric materials from which all automotive seals and gaskets are made.

ExxonMobil engineers are wary of conventional oils that tout their use of additional seal-swelling agents. With extended use, these agents can over-soften engine seals, resulting in leaks. More to the point, an oil additive will not rejuvenate worn or damaged seals. The damaged seal may have been caused by a worn rotating metal component in the engine.

If an older engine is in good condition and does not have oil leaks, Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ provides the same advantages as when used in a new engine. ExxonMobil recommends taking measures to repair the leaks, then using Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™. ExxonMobil also always recommends following the automobile manufacturer's manual for the proper oil to use.

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