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Originally posted by Mr. Ed:
we have been having the bucking problem for a while now, ... only noticeable when the tank is low on fuel question is this: I see that a few people have suggested changing the fuel pump or cleaning the screen. Has anyone done this? Did it fix the problem. From reading I don't see that anyone has tried the fuel pump. %

Thanks for the suggestion, but the item above in bold is the difference. My problem is all the time, full tank or empty, & it nearly disappears at WOT. A bad/clogged fuel pump would likely not do that. Additionally, I like to try the less expensive & easy stuff before I dawn my mechanics fatigues.

My problem turned out to be the double platinum plugs. I either got two bad sets in a row, or my car just does not like them. I installed a set of OE single platinum plugs & it has been flawless since.

I must confess that I may have toasted the first set of double plats by having my plug wires hooked up wrong. My second set, however, came with a new set of plug wires & I was VERY meticulous about how everthing went together, so no excuses there.

To the rest of you, check your plug wires:

fire wall
coil pack:
465 <-------- ** pay particular attention here - I got dyslexic **

Engine cylinders:

Good luck everybody! Be sure to post when you all solve your bucking/hesitation problems.

By the way, when I got this figured out, I had not yet installed a new fuel filter, so it wasn't that. I'll be installing the filter later this weekend.

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