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08/18/06 02:27 AM

Originally posted by mattp182:
So my car did have MINOR stumbling issues before, but anyways heres the story. I was driving to college today, (350mi) and so i filled up before i left. After 200 miles the sun was killing me so i turned the AC on. i could feel the stumbling issue that i had before come back( above 1/4 tank) on. After stopping for lunch the stumbling was terrible. especially going up hills. Finally when stumbling it would lose power. After pulling over and turning the car off and on the first couple times it started right back up, but from there on i had to wait 20 minutes to start up and could drive maybe 20 miles before it happened again. Finally when i decided to tow it was when i made it maybe 1/2 mile before it stopped again. My firends' dad took a look at it on the road (made it to within 5mi of campus) and suggested it was starving on fuel. I bought ther car recently and was told that the fuel pump was replaced but have no evidence to prive it. But because it will go and then have problems and then run again i do not believe this to be a fuel pump issue. It was all fine until i turned on the AC but since i thought the AC was the cause i drive without it the rest of the trip, heck during one of the stops i treied resetting the computer and did not help. I believe it to be a vapor lock problem, what could be the cause of this headache? BTW i just replaced plugs, wires and cleaned EGR TB passages.

what plugs and wires did you use? have you filled the tank back up with gas recently?

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