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09/03/03 06:10 PM
Re: ELglow gauge faces and hvac indglos

Update Ok everyone don't panic, the shipping list is still the same. I just wanted to post this list to give everyone an idea of where we are at. This is the orginal list of people that wanted in on this and what order they where recived.

Ok everyone we have all the buyers we need, now I need everyone to get there payment in, send payment to my paypal account which is apluckydog@yahoo.com . If your paying through paypal please add $2.75 for paypal fees. I have shipping info at the bottom for those of you who need to pay with check or money order.

Ok here is the list.

Regular gauges with hvac combo
2)Shifty GT40 PM
3)Batmobile PM
4)Micah ?
5)crusinmercury Paid
6)weaselbomb Paid
7)tttc Paid
8)Bumpin Paid
9)Skrilla187 Paid
10)Contour_LXsport PM
11)Tim Paid
12)2&1/2 Paid
13)alibies Paid
14)Josch Paid
15)Johnnyfive Paid
16)Vermeleon69 PM
17)jholloway Paid
18)manfre Paid
19)foldthecorners PM
20)XKontour98 ?

SVT Gauges with hvac combo

1)Kappa2006 ?
2)hetfield Paid
4)dubkatz PM
5)ABeeSVT ?
6)Zamudio ?
7)advocate Paid
8)Nickyd1298SVT Paid
9)stevers ?

This is for the gauges and hvac, SVT or V6
Which will be $72.00 plus $8.00 shipping.

Ok these will take 2 weeks to get these made and shipped out after we get everyones money in, so lets get rolling on this.

Oh and here is the list for the people that just want hvac. These will be $27.00 plus $8.00 for shipping.

1)scottd60 PM
2)Judge PM
3)DomesticAssault ?
4)fastrussman Paid
5)MapOfTaziFoSho Paid
6)huey3211 ?

For those who need to send a check or money order you can send it to:
Adam Prewett
211 Church Dr.

Put your name and address on paper with the check or money order and send it to me, oh please put your CEG member name on the paper too.

Ok if you have a blue ? By your name please send me a PM letting me know where you are at with your payment. If you have a green PM by your name don't worry about anything, because I have heard from you and will be reciving payment shortly. If you have a red Paid by your name you are done and waiting on everyone else.

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