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12/21/05 11:32 PM
Re: 2006 CEG Calendars

as far as the design of the calendar goes, i wanted to use that script font because it is a great contrast to the hard metal lines of the cars. design is about contrast. to use this font at lets say 10-12pts for the members names just didnt work out. it looked like little scribbles on the page. i instead blew the names up huge and ran them off the page for a couple reasons.

reason one is that we are not able to design the dates portion which come at the bottom of the composition when you are looking at the calendar open. the names running off the pictures pulls the bottom portion into the design of the top. it runs off the pictures and appears to run onto the dates portion. the dates portion is white so your eye almost completes the letters of the name even though they are not really there.

reason two is that the names being cut off turns them into a graphic element and they dont function as names anymore. this helps reinforce reason one. this too is why the name is repeated on each composition in a legable font.
i dont expect for everyone to like the designs i do that is just not possible. i design because i love to design. i do my very best to make something that is pleasing to the eye and makes the viewer want to find out for themselves why things are the way they are.

when i show people compositions i do i like to ask them why they think things are the way they are. i like feedback from viewers as long as it is contructive. take time to really notice things and see a new world come alive right in front of your eyes that was there all along.

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