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Re: svt contour with 9500 original miles!!!!!!

Originally posted by BOFH:
Originally posted by teamSVTour:
Originally posted by Pienstars:
Originally posted by teamSVTour:
Oh well it was fun watching the guy buy his car back. Why else would "Statewide" run up the price and outbid himself w/ 5 consecutive bids and increase his bid from 10,700 to 11,800 in a matter of 2 minutes?

You can see that gimeurbeer had a bid of 11,900 that was placed about an hour and a half before that. Statewide was probably just increasing his bid a little bit at a time until he outbid gimeurbeer. Either way, I think the seller did well but at the same time I also think it was a decent deal for the buyer too.

Im referring to where statewide increased his bid from 10,700 at 18:48 then placed 4 other consecutive bids within 2 minutes outbidding himself each time which reached 11,800 at 18:50....that to me looks like the owner running up the price.

Either way, it would be great to have. I was considering bidding but not at that price.

Let's look at the tape before someone shouts conspiracy:

statewide01 US $12,400.00 Sep-03-06 18:59:24
elitevw US $12,300.00 Sep-03-06 18:52:38
statewide01 US $12,200.00 Sep-03-06 18:51:54
elitevw US $12,100.00 Sep-03-06 18:51:55
statewide01 US $12,000.00 Sep-03-06 18:51:20
gimeurbeer US $11,900.00 Sep-03-06 17:14:24
statewide01 US $11,800.00 Sep-03-06 18:50:54
statewide01 US $11,600.00 Sep-03-06 18:50:33
statewide01 US $11,300.00 Sep-03-06 18:50:14
statewide01 US $10,900.00 Sep-03-06 18:49:36
statewide01 US $10,700.00 Sep-03-06 18:48:26
blakewolfanf US $10,500.00 Sep-03-06 10:15:37

Edited for clarity, I took out ratings and the timezone.

One thing to note, is that this is NOT in chronological order.

So, at 18:48:26, statewide01 was bidding to beat the bid of $11,900 made by gimeurbeer at 17:14:24. It looks like he/she was looking for the price, and found it at 18:51:20.

Thirty five seconds later, elitevw outbid statewide01's $12K bid, with a $12,100 bid.

Doesn't look that suspicious to me. Just looks like someone wanted to go up in price slowly in $200-$400 increments.

Precisely. Thx, I really didn't feel like typing all that lol.

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