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06/01/06 02:27 PM
Frank McCoy

O-k...this shizzz has gone on long enough. Its time for my side of the story here, so just read and keep an open mind:

All this crap started more than a year ago when I listed my used BAT spring/strut combo in the classifieds. I accurately described them as used, with aprox 40,000 miles on them. As I believe that struts have a lifespan of 60,000 miles, and they were already 2/3rds the way gone, I listed them for $200 plus shipping (as new BAT parts go for $595 plus shipping, 1/3 =$200).

They were not blown. They worked fine. I regularly made trips up to Michigan City in IN (600 miles each way) with my girls, and the car rode fine.

Well, GehyZ contacted me, and bought the struts. As they were still on my car (as I told him they were), I took a little longer than I thought to take them off. Its a 2 day job for me, as I'm not as mechanically inclined as some of you.

After he recieved them, he was all huffy and upset that they weren't new looking. Gee, really...40,000 miles and 1 winter in MI. But they worked fine. He next said that one of them was "blown". No pics second opinion...just his word. When I shipped them, I had to compress all the struts to make them fit into the box, and they were all the same.

Well GehyZ threw a fit. Started bashing me on here, bashing PMs and bashing emails. Bashing phone messages. He demanded that I buy him one new strut. A real nutcase. He bought used goods that were accurately desribed and fairly priced. I mean $200 for the kit as I said above was a fair price.

Near the end of all this, Pole120 mentioned in a post that he was looking for an exhaust flange for a project. I had one. He paypal'd me $12 for it. When I went to look for it, I couldn't find it. Seems that in my move down south, it had gotten thrown away. So I went down to a not so local junkyard and cut one off a contour that ws in the yard, then shipped it to him. He wasn't too happy that it took me a while, but I tried to go the extra mile and get him his flange. is it. There are no other pieces that I sold during this time. Period. Nada. I have no idea where all these other "yeah, he tried to sell me this...or that" came from. If any of these people can reproduce any conversations that we had...I'd love to see them, cause there aren't any.

But better yet...someone contact pudmunkie, and ask him about the wheels he just bought from me 3 weeks ago. Contact conner7, who'm I met this past Monday and bought his front bumper cover and some other bits.

And contact the bros that bought my E0s, my Kosei's, my FSVT wheels, my exhaust, my sho-shop intake and Y-pipe, the headers, the Koni/GC's I sold before this episode with GehyZ. Everyone of them a happy camper.

You have a bunch of people jumping on the bandwagon who have never even conversed with me, who are focusing their anger from other people onto me. Its total crap.

And when people, like mapotazifosho , send me PMs threatening to find my girls and hurt cool is that? Is that an appropriate response?

The bottom line is...goods were offeres. Money was exchanged...goods were recieved. Its not like I didn't send hime what he had purchased. He recieved the goods. They were just as described.

WHich is the opposite of my dealings with troll96SE. I sent hime $240 8 weeks ago for some E0's...and they were never sent.

So..have at him. Tear him up. Send him all the PMs, emails, and what not full of threats and malice. Or is it o-k for him to scam..and not even send the merchandise? He was on even longer than me...more posts than me...but hey, its probably o-k for him.

Hey...maybe I should post his address and phone number...that would be real cool...huh? Maybe he has kids...we can all start sending them threats as well.


BTW...I do not have anything for sale...and have no idea who this Frank dude is with the floor mats, tho I could use a pair myself.

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