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09/03/06 04:20 PM
Re: Clash of the titans.....???!!!

Originally posted by RyeLou:

My feelings definitly aren't hurt. I have driven a C6 Z06 and I've driven cars that make more RWHP than that as well. I still think each car is so differnet you can't really say one is easier than another. Sure a new C6 Z06 may be easier to manage on the street than a 400whp FWD car that came out 5 years ago. But that Vette also has the latest and greatest in suspension and brakes and all that crap too. To the contrary, if you try comparing the 400whp FWD car to an old muscle car w/o power steering (amoung other things) it's obviously different.

Originally posted by Pope:
Originally posted by RyeLou:
And I really don't think it's any easier to control a 650hp RWD car than it is a 400hp FWD car. In one you get torque steer and the other you get the tail end kicking out.

all I have to add is that tail end kick out is generally more fun than torque steer. (and always on a closed cource)

haha, I definitly won't disagree. Either way if one becomes too much you're in a world or hurt.

Leaf springs new technology . Not to mention the c6 suspension is basicly the same as the c5 (1998), the rear setup is a little differnet, better tires, wheels base and sure more refined tuning in the c6. Sorry not really a valid point. Old muscle cars with 400hp rwd, nope still easier to manage. Solid axles make a difference. Doesn't matter what your comparing RWD superior. Don't get me wrong power in any car is fun. I like high powered csvts

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