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09/01/06 11:47 PM
Re: Clash of the titans.....???!!!

Originally posted by Klasse Act:

MY only point about the ZO6 w/ a blower was this, its alot easier to handle on the street than a 400 hp FWD w/o the multi-stage boost controller, thats all

I disagree. You're comparing a S/C RWD vehicle to turbocharged (because in this case they all are) FWD cars. As we all know boost from a S/C builds with RPMs while boost from a turbo builds from the exhaust gas, so if you don't want to hit boost in any of the aformentioned 400whp FWD cars...you just don't. It's really the best of both worlds IMO. It's stupid power on demand, but it's easy drivability when you're putzing around. Now my car has different traction capabilities than a CSVT but the point stands that if you have a car that makes enough power in 1st and 2nd gear that you're not going to get traction on street tires, why get on it then? I for one don't waste my time racing anyone from a dead stop unless I have my drag radials on (at the track of course) I wouldn't even consider going to the track without my drag radials or slicks actually. After you're out of 2nd gear, 400hp is completely useable in my car. (I can't speak for the rest as I've never been in them)

Now for the S/C RWD vehicle, becuase boost builds with RPMs you have to worry about tires and traction any time you're seeing higher RPMs. Sure a lot of the high HP RWD cars don't have as bad of issues with putting their power to the ground, but a mistake in a RWD car is just as costly as a mistake in a FWD car...regadless of power. And I really don't think it's any easier to control a 650hp RWD car than it is a 400hp FWD car. In one you get torque steer and the other you get the tail end kicking out.

I also don't have a multi-stage boost controller on my car. Actually I think I went the most inexpensive route possible in getting the standard TurboXS boost controller you can pick up for like $75 new. Like it says above, I just don't hit boost if I don't want to.

Roger we'll meet up sometime and we'll go for a ride in my car. I'll show you other than the clutch being a bit grabby it's actually EASIER to drive than a stock SRT-4! The stock turbo is so small you get absolutly rediculous part throttle boost which makes driving around under normal conditions a pain in the ass and potentially harmful to the turbo/engine. With the larger turbo I completely got rid of all that and picked up a few MPG in the process.

Originally posted by Klasse Act:
Forgive me for this, but WHATS THE POINT

Like Derek said, with that logic what's the point of anything other than 60mpg Toyotas? And that's assuming you're all about economical cars. To the opposite, to people who own these 400hp cars...I ask you whats the point in owning a car that isn't fast? I enjoy having a 400hp daily driver. I think everyone should. Why did you pick the Crossfire over an SRT-4? Personal taste.

And I guess you get to a point where it becomes an obsession, but I won't get into that. I need to go figure out when I can get my larger injectors in to tune for more power, haha.

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