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Originally posted by warmonger:
Ya, lol. But if we did it 10 times in a row, would you still do it on the eleventh? I know how thirsty the nitrous bottle is.

Would yours make 11 passes, with the same elapsed time, with all that heat soak?



Well It pretty much would drop a few hundredths by the third run and then level out.

I did run it seven times one night in Temple Texas. I remember it clearly because on about the 5th run this guy who was one of the staging lane groupies was saying to his friend "this guy is running again, is he crazy?"
I laughed because I was running about 7psi and I was turning 104.5-105.x mph all night, with the 105.x being the first two runs and then it just hovered there around 104.5mph.

Oh yea, that was in July or August of 2003 too....HOT. about 90-92F at 11pm at night.

So yeah. At the 8-9psi mark it would take to run 109s mph in the 1/4 it might have affected it a bit more, but hey....I woulda ended up with what, high 107s mph after the heat soak?? lol

I miss that car.

warmonger,I assume you've seen Ray's last dyno run.As far as I know it's the first to break 400Whp,in a contour.

Did Suneil's 2.5L turbo SVT (now JD's dad's car) not dyno 401 fwhp a while ago?

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