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Thread: Low speed radiator fan resistor

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    Default Low speed radiator fan resistor

    I'm posting for BigRob who is having trouble posting.

    Quote Originally Posted by BigRob
    The Issue I was looking for info on was the low speed resistor on a 95 contour 2.0l engine, where might I find a replacement for it, part number . The problem is cooling fan only comes on when when into the red. I searched the forums and the info I dug up leads me to believe this low speed resistor is the culprit(maybe) just looking to fix it . Thanks in Advance. BigRob

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    Read this thread and link for some good info.

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    Yes I did check out that thread. Lots of good info there, but I got excellent help from Bill Jenkins over at Team Ford locating the part numbers I needed for the low speed resistor.
    For anybody else that needs this info ,here it is.

    cooling fan resistor(located on the lefthand bottom side of the fan shroud
    > 1995-96 F5RZ-18591-A
    > 1997-00 3M5Z-18591-BA

    Fan relays for 1995 Ford Contour 2.0 engine
    High speed
    Low speed

    Fan Wire Harness

    I'll have to post later after repairs are completed

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