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Thread: change to bigger injectors

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    Default change to bigger injectors

    I am fairly sure the beige injectors must be pretty well maxed out on full throttle, on my 3l port matched conversion
    when remapped its max was 217 crank hp
    since that I have optomised tb, ported manifolds, cold air feeds to ram air svt airbox
    have just had a set of orange injectors refurbed, will a remap be able to find more power with the bigger injectors , or do you just end up with the same power and a reduced duty cycle

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    Do you have duty cycle numbers for the current injectors?

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    If your current injectors are truly maxed out, then bigger ones with a proper retune would yield more power.

    What's your current A/F ratio under WOT? Does it change as the rpms increase?

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