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Thread: transmission fluid type 99 contour

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    Default transmission fluid type 99 contour

    Ok guys so I am getting a little confused with the Mercon/Mercon V fluids.

    My son has a 99 SE with a V6 and automatic. We are planning to change the fluid but Autozone says standard Mercon but Advanced Auto said Mercon V.

    It shifts great with 88,000 miles - just time for some maintenence



    P.S. The search function is not working well for me

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    Sounds as though it came with Mercon but if I do the 3-drain method I can switch over to Mercon V

    Correct me if I am wrong - thanks

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    I wouldn't drain and fill, from my understanding it can cause issues with plugging the filter up with debris that the new fluid breaks up. I would take it somewhere it can by flushed. and as far as the fluid choice goes just go to ford and ask.
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    J, that is the first I have read about the drain and fill causing problems. Can anyone confirm what J is saying?


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    Ignore that. It's simply more an old wive's tale than anything.

    You can use Mercon, if you wish. Otherwise, upgrade to Mercon V as it's a much improved fluid. The CD4E will work on either.

    I use the "pump and dump" method instead of the drain and fill way.

    Remove the line to the cooler and position it in a 5 gallon bucket.
    Idle engine to pump out the fluid until it starts spitting air, then immediately shut off the engine. While pumping, cycle the shifter through the gears and pause for several seconds in each position.
    Refill transmission.
    Repeat twice more, then secure fluid line.
    Top off transmission fluid to proper level and you're done.

    Draining only empties the pan. The refill then dilutes the remaining fluid and the best you can do is about a 50-60% exchange even after repeating several times. The pump and dump method is about the best you can do without a flush machine.
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