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Thread: 6 Speed Getreg swap???

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    Default 6 Speed Getreg swap???

    I'm looking to find out if anyone has done/seen/heard of a swap in a Contour, from the MTX-75 to the 6 speed SVT Focus transmission.

    I work at a dealership where I also plan to have work done on my CSVT. Talking with the mechanics, the "SVT guy" isn't sure that its possible because of the lack of space, which makes sense, but I'd like to find out for sure.
    I'll be doing a swap or rebuild on my CSVT sometime, and my current MTX needs some work as well.
    Seeing as the MTX matches up with all the Duratec's, would the Getreg bolt up to a 2.5 or 3L?
    If I could, I'd love to drop a 6 speed in there.
    Who knows though, I wont keep my hopes up.

    It'd be great if anyone could shed some light on the idea.

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    If you had searched you would know this comes up a lot and the consensus is the SVTF 6-speed is much weaker than the MTX-75, in addition, the zetec MTX-75 is different from the duratec model and is not a straight swap even between Contours, imagine the difference between a Focus on a totally different transaxle.

    Short version, while technically you could there's absolutely no reason too, in the end you'll spend more money and have a weaker trans.
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    That and simply having a 6 speed does not automatically make it better than having a 5 speed. There are a LOT of people, good example is the AutoX world who would rather have the 5 speed for the wider gear ratios. Many times the 6 speed and 5 speed final drive is the same between models, the 6 speed simply has an extra gear somewhere between 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 or whatever.
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    Some of the Noble guys are swapping out their 6-speed units for a built version of the HMS MTX-75. Mostly because the MTX-75 can take make much more power than the 6-speed if built properly.
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