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Thread: Fog light with parking lights mod

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    Quote Originally Posted by 95_Mystique View Post
    Yes it does. The only thing it doesnt do is turn off the fog lights with the high beams on.
    There used to be a write up on how to do the conversion where the fogs came off with the high beams. I've been searching for it for months with no success. I think it was called "Foglight Mod 2.0" or something
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    I'm So Glad this mod worked. I went outside this morning @ A Bone chilling 10 degrees in SE Michigan and tried this Mod. This mod worked like a charm. My Fog Light relay was Black taped and My Ride is A 2000 SE Sport 2.5L ATX. Awesome, Cant wait to see how it looks tonight on the way to work!

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    EXCELLENT write up!! Thanks for the easy mod!
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    Going to give this a shot tomorrow, seems very simple you just have to be careful not to cut the other wires while stripping a piece of the orange/black wire in the bundle.
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