I havent been on in a while, but a couple weeks ago i traded the silver car with 88k away. i found out that the whole back right quarter from the middle of the rear passenger door to the fuel door was a horribly done fender graft, complete with bondo, rust, and a dipped bodyline...and i couldnt have that.so i traded it for this.
a 98 Mercedes Benz c280 sport. it has the side-by-side v6 in it and has really no balls at all.
it has 190k on it, and it is a rebuild title.I havent been able to find out why, but the title isnt from around here, as the title state rebuild/flood/salvage, and ive never seen it like that. and i have found nothing about a flood.long story short, i thought id be able to rock it, but white is too flashy and that stance project i want to do just isnt in my league.
heres the details.
just fixed a tranny fluid leak in the trans/coolant line connection.
it has the lip kit on it
tan leather interior with woodgrain inlays.
it is RWD and has traction control
four speed automatic with sport shift mode.
every single option works as it should...rear headrests, 12 way adjustable seats, cruise control, wipers..etc
heat is phenominal and ac is super cold
16 possibly amg wheels that are chrome..and they are the same tires as the tour.
its got buttons i didnt know existed...and the headunit is awesome.tinted windows

its got a couple cons but not many.
a little bit of SURFACE rust bubbles, but theyve been painted white and is not nearly as noticable.
a couple slight scratches
the front right side of the lip kit is cracked but i was gonna do the criss cross zip tie euro/jdm thing lol.
could use tires soon.

im looking to trade for another tour, preferrably a green one, or any other color if it has a 3ltr.Im not looking for something with a lot of work into it as i know its uber expensive.I would really just like another tour with a 3L..this car with the rebuilt title and the cons still bluebooks in the high 3 low 4 as 190k is only half its life..or a focus.

if your interested.pm me. the car is located in brunswick ohio 27 miles south of cleveland. there is no price because its my only car and im looking for a trade, but since a price is required, 4k.
and only that because of how incradibly clean the interior is, how nice this thing drives, and its a mercedes benz that holds its value.