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    I was clearing out the garage of old junk I didn't need tonight and ran across an old Haines manual for Contours/Mystiques. I believe it covers all years. Contour's been gone for almost a year now so I have no need for this and don't want to just toss it. Cover's a little faded, but all the info's there inside.

    Like to get $10, just to cover an envelope and the cost to ship it to someone. Any interest?

    1998 Contour SVT #4953 - Stock, and in need of restoration.
    1998 Contour SVT #0036 - Full 3.0 Swap - Few bolt-ons *sold*
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    I'll take it, if you still have it. PM me here or e-mail direct at . Thanks!
    Mark in Kansas
    1997 T-red Zetec 'Tour Carbon Fibre Wing 91,000 miles
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