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Thread: #49's new powerplant has arrived, let the build begin

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    Default #49's new powerplant has arrived, let the build begin


    Alright this is my attempt to summarize to date what has gone on and build a Table of Contents so to speak out of a 'Build Spec' list. I will come back to this point periodically to update this section so that everyone can have one place to go to answer their questions hopefully.

    05 Ford Escape 3L Short Block - modified to have oil squirters Post#526, Page 14
    K1 Technologies Rods - Post#130, page 4
    Diamond Racing Pistons (~9.6:1) - Post#371, Page 10
    2005 Escape 3L Cylinder Heads - Stage II, BPE Racing Heads Post#648, Page 17
    Mountune Valve Springs - Post#667, Page 17
    Mountune Cams - Post#704, Page 18
    PowerSeal Lifters - Post#772, Page 20
    05 Mondeo ST220 UIM - Post#41, Page 2
    05 Escape LIM
    SCT Big Bore 90mm BA-2400 MAF
    BBK 75mm Throttle Body - Post#1452, Page 37

    Fuel System
    05 Escape Fuel Rail - Link to thread on brazing fuel rail
    Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors ID1000.60.14
    Aeromotive 13101 A1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator
    Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump
    Aeromotive 100 micron stainless steel mess pre-filter
    Aeromotive 40 micron stainless steel mess after filter
    Aluminum anodized sump on OEM tank
    AN-10 supply line to pump
    AN-8 supply line to regulator and fuel rail
    AN-6 return line
    Hard lines for fuel are T316 stainless steel with stainless steel sleeves and tube nuts
    Flex lines are PTFE stainless steel braided

    Accel Super Coil w/MSD DIS 4 - Post #189, Page 5
    Talyor 8.2mm Thundervolt Wires

    WeaponR Stainless Steel Headers
    Borla Stainless Steel Cat-back - modified to have 3" pipe from down pipe to muffler split
    Porsche GT3 Quad stainless steel tips - Post#74, Page 2

    Turbocharger Setup
    NPG Racing kit - Will be only using portions of it
    Turbocharger - Garret A/R .63
    Intercooler - Still investigating air-air or water-air
    HKS EVC6 Mappable Boost Controller - Post #166, page 5

    2002 Mercury Cougar MTX-75 - Built by HMS
    3.54 08 Focus Final Drive
    Upgraded Ford Shift Forks
    Keyed HMS Contour Shift Tower
    Torsen T2 ATB differential
    ClutchNet 6 puck clutch disk
    ClutchNet Red Pressure Plate
    Ford TOB
    DSS Level 3.9 Axle & Hub kit - Post#980, Page 25

    Mondeo Trip Computer - Post#308, Page 8
    Corbeau FX1 Pro Seats
    Lotek triple gauge pod with faze gauges
    Innovate Motorsports LC-1 wideband gauge

    HoK Shimrin Designer Pearl - Trublue, Post#1053, Page 27, Repaint - Post#1177, Page 30
    RP Carbon Fiber Hood
    RP Carbon Fiber Pre98 Trunk
    Carbon Fiber roof overlay
    RP projector head lights
    RP projector tail lights

    Baer Track-Plus brake kit - 330mm cross drilled and slotted rotors w/ dual piston calipers
    NPG Rear adaptor kit - 278mm cross drilled and slotted rotors w/ single piston OEM rear calipers
    stainless steel braided lines

    BAT Euro struts/springs
    RP Traction Bars
    PRT Rear Fore LCA - Post#1591, Page 40
    PRT Rear Aft LCA - Post#1591, Page 40
    ADDCO Rear Sway Bar - Post#1321, Page 34

    SSW Trex 17x7 wheels
    BF Goodrich G-Force KDW 225/45/ZR17 - Street
    Nitto NT01 tires 235/40/ZR17 - Track

    Misc Parts, which will not be used

    Mondeo ST220 LIM - Dimensionally the same as Escape LIM, but made of aluminum, will hold in more heat may change mind if more air flow is needed as this could be ported. Post#286, Page 8

    Misc Part/Tool Pics
    Fel-Pro Gasket Sets - Post #442, Page 12
    Specialty tools for piston/rod/crank assembly - Post#443, Page 12
    Ford Rotunda Kits - Post#497, Page 13
    Roll of Carbon Fiber - Post#513, Page 13

    Build Progress:
    Exterior Tear Down - Post#263, Page 7
    Engine Pull - Perfectly running SVT 2.5L sent to stand Post#350, Page 9 & Post#408, Page 11
    Interior Gutted - Post#381, Page 10
    Piston & Rod Assembly - Post#448, Page 12
    Cylinder Head Disassembly - Post#500, Page 13
    Cylinder Head Cleaning/Bead Blasting - Post#532, Page 14
    Cylinder Head Flow Chart - Post#612, Page 16
    Cam Discussions - Post#641, Page 17
    Cylinder Head Assembly - Post#736, Page 19
    Roll Resistor Prep Work - Post#767, Page 20
    Paint Arrival - Post#783, Page 20
    Engine Bay Cleared - Post#788, Page 20
    Fuel pump removal and comparison of OEM and Aeromotive Stealth pumps - Post#973, Page 25
    Paint prep begins - Post#892, page 23
    Paint prep and sealer work - Post#994, page 25


    So as some of you know I recently bought one of NPG's turbo kits and I have now decided to install a 3L as well at the same time. This thread will serve as my build thread with pictures of the entire process from the tear down of the car and the teardown/build/install of the 3L and turbo kit. Here is the build plan and the starting pictures.

    2005 Ford Escape 3.0L Duratec, 43k miles, compression test of 207psi
    -parts to be ordered/installed (as of right now, investigating options with Scat, Wiseco, and ROSS)
    K1 rods
    Diamond Racing Pistons
    4.6L valves
    -parts on order
    waiting for my ST220 UIM to arrive from the UK and then it's being sent out for EH

    Also for those interested all of my original parts will be for sale (since there is nothing wrong with my current 2.5L) at some point in the classifieds. I will also post in here as parts become available.
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