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Thread: Capitol CEG Classifieds - NO CHAT - TAKE IT TO PMs!

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    Jul 2000

    Default Fs - 1999 svt sf/mb

    I'll be leaving the area soon and will only maintain one care while I'm gone. The SVT has to go.

    It has 150k on the clock and looks that age.

    The front right fender and door have paint level scraps, it needs another alternator after I just did one, and the clutch is in need of replacement. I haven't driven the car much because I have a Focus for my long daily commute.

    I have a bunch of extras I will throw in if the price is right, 12" sub box, brand new car cover, an extra fly wheel, pcv seperator, and every other little SVT thing I have laying around. All my stuff is going into storage so the less I have to pack the better.

    PM, me offers and questions.
    Andy W.
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    Default Bridgestone Potenza G009

    For sale is a single bridgestone G009 All season tire. I've had it on the car for about 10K miles (50K warranty) and now its just taking up space in storage. I have no complaints about these tires. Only reason why this isn't on the car is because I replaced all 4 with its predecessor, the G019's.
    Tread life:90% est.
    Price: $30 (trades welcomed: need front lower mesh, power antenna, lemme know what u got)
    would prefer local pick up but could look into shipping

    98.5 CSVT #5612 of 6535
    R.I.P 91 Escort GT

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  3. Default Fuel Pump Wanted

    Looking for a fuel pump assembly for a 2000 SVT.

    Thanks and regards,

    Marvin Stockman

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    Rockville, MD

    Need some parts. Do you have a scrap Contour where the parts are in good shape?.

    Under car: fuel line and heat shield

    In car: right side vent assembly, shift boot (stock, please), folding cup-holder

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    I’ve got a damaged front bumper that came off my 98 csvt. It’s has road rash on the passenger side and a hole in it. I was told by a body shop that it could be fixed, but would cost me a lot to fix. I replaced it with another one now I’ve got the old bumper on my deck. I’m willing to give it away if anyone wants to come and pick it up.

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    Va_, PM sent to you.
    2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R: GP-style shifting, and more mods to come.
    1998 Black CSVT #4754: '03 ported 3L, Opt'd SVT TB, NPG CAI, Torsen T2, MSDS headers/y pipe, Trubendz Testpipe, Magnaflow.

    2005 Redline CTS-V: 400hp of awesomeness on the weekends

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    Bristow/gainesville, VA


    Location: NOVA/bristow areaLocated in northern virginia. Seeing if people would be seriously interested in some parts/pieces off my svt. Im going to either donate the car or call junk my car so if I do the latter, everything on the car will be up for grabs. Engine swap, bumpers, wheels, interior, etc. Let me know if you are interested.

    This is what the car looked like BEFORE I removed the wheels and suspension and went back to stock.

    1999 3l turbo Mercury Cougar
    1998.5 Silver Svt contour #3162

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    Have a 1996 Mystique LS that spun a bearing on the way home from work last week. For reasons too numerous to list, I'm getting rid of the car. I don't feel like parting it out (unless there is interest in a bunch of different stuff) and would rather give the whole thing away. V-6 (useless block at this point) and manual tranny. Alternator is a remanned one (that has been working for a few months and got put on the Autozone tester before putting the sucker in). There are some new/remanned AC parts. New parts store struts on all four corners (purchased this past summer.) New parts store rotors up front at about the same time.

    So, PM or direct email me if you want individual parts.

    I'm in Indian Head, MD (ok, it's Pisgah, but how many know the difference?)

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    DC area

    Default FS: 15" winter wheels

    Selling my winter wheels, 15" Voxx with the proper spacers - were painted silver but the paint has been flaking off for a while. Would make a good project for someone to strip and spray - more effort than I have time for at this point. I'm close to the District, Maryland side.

    PM me if you are interested.

    wheel close up..jpg

    4 wheels..jpg

    inside of wheel - spacer..jpg
    '13 Toyobaru FR-S 6MT Ultramarine
    SOLD '98.5 SVT - all mine since 43 miles on the clock - lots o' mods including 3L
    '11 Odyssey (applesauce encrusted carpets, etc.)
    '01 Camry 5SFE - wife's old car won't die

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    Washington, DC


    Hi all,

    i have the following trhings for sale:

    Mirko splitter (primer and needs little work to get ready for painting)
    Set (4) of used but good shape EO wheels for sale.
    OEM Radio out of my SVT (little wear on the buttons but worked fine when removed)

    Everything is located in the Fairfax, VA and have to go asap. Please make offer via PN. thank you. Peter

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