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Thread: Turbo/Supercharger Registry

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    1999 SeVt ported 3L svt cams and intake and msds headers.
    homemade remote mounted turbo
    1k on the kit
    non intercooled
    tail 50mm bov
    internal wastegate 3-5psi
    no dyno numbers yet.
    42 pound injectors, 255gal/hr fuel pump
    civic si don't have a chance. The car pulls hard for a remote mount turbo no lag.
    1999 Toreador red Sevt ported 3L remote mounted turbo msds headers eibach springs. sold

    98 contour zetec
    foxbody mustang 5.0l

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanblacksvt View Post
    Lets start a registry here.

    -What car its on
    -What "Kit" you have
    -How many miles on "kit"
    -Intercooled or not
    -Alchohol injection
    -What B.O.V
    -What wastegate
    -How much boost do you run
    1996 Ford Contour SE (Since been sold and crushed)
    Splitport 3.0L longblock, 8.5:1 Ross pistons
    T3/T4 (.63/.82 IIRC) ADC Kit
    10K miles on kit when I had it
    700 CFM Water/Air intercooler
    Turbo XS BOV
    TIAL 38mm wastegate
    16 psi towards the end of the cars life
    364 whp/410 wtq
    Hauled ass. Ran great with the pedal to the floor. Couldn't hold an idle worth .
    Jim Hahn
    1999 Tropic Green SVT Contour
    1996 T-Red Contour SE Reborn 4/6/04 Sold
    3.0L swap and Arizona Dyno Chip Turbo Kit
    364 whp, 410 wtq @ 4,700 rpm

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    -What car its on? 1998.5 Contour SVT
    -What "Kit" you have? Vortech Supercharger (last revised jackshaft before coupler system)
    -How many miles on "kit"? Around 7000kms (~4300 miles)
    -Intercooled or not? Yes, Buckshot air/water intercooler
    -Alchohol injection? No
    -What B.O.V? Buckshot BPV, but will probably go to a Turbosmart
    -What wastegate? None, supercharged
    -How much boost do you run? shows 9.5psig after intercooler was installed
    -Hp? Approximately 275whp
    -Impressions? Love the mid to top end pull, but wish it had another 100hp to keep up with my big turbo SRT4.

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    98 E0 T-red SVT
    NEW 30
    Vortech w/latest pin-drive as of 12/09
    Sniper Tune 300/300 at the wheels - Mustang Dyno

    As of 9/3/2012 15000 on engine

    Vortech had to be upgraded to 3rd gen coupling... $2100... ouch!
    2.5 Bit the dust and now running an 04 Taurus 3L with 19K and 7psi of boost on it.
    Added Air to Water IC and raised the boost to 9 PSI
    Sniper Chip - custom Tune


    Runs great, the tune and right injectors did it. Runs 13.6-13.8 consistently. Trap speed 110...lol Wheel hop.
    Last edited by Ray; 01-08-2009 at 10:27 AM. Reason: Extraneous info removed

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    Don't remember all the stuff...someone still has it.
    It did 336 to the wheels on 10lbs, motor built for closer to 20lbs (with the .63 A/R turbine...then switched to the .82, but never was able to get it dyno'd again)
    The dyno I had it on showed 13:1 ish A/F, so I never went higher.

    I heard a rumor later that that wideband didn't work correctly.

    Who knows really...it shouldn't have run lean, had 42lb injectors with a 255high pressure pump...based on that wideband though, I couldn't get it any richer!!!

    Oh well. It was pretty fast rolling, sucked from a dig.
    98 SVT # 692 05/02/97 3L turbo....SOLD!!!
    DD: 2005 Honda Civic 39.7mpg (best so far)
    Wife's car: E53 X5
    garage: E39 M5

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    98 CSVT T-Red
    Vortech-Custom Couplers
    7-9lbs of boost
    Stock SVT 2.5L with a TH Torsen Euro Spec Tranny and Sachs Super Clutch
    Problems-Runs very rich and hot.
    Goods-Pulls great above 5K
    98 CSVT T-Red
    Vortech, TH MTX75, Centerlines, Suspension
    SOLD - 4/1/2013
    2003 SVT Lightning Sonic Blue - Modded
    North Carolina Air National Guard. Air Traffic Control

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    Yonkers, NY

    Default 98 svt in yonkers ny

    got an early 98 svt
    2.5 svt motor.
    vortech supercharger kit (early kit with fuel regulator therefore stock injectors, for now. 19 pound)
    custom front mount intercooler with pulley upgrade to 2.7. right now a modest 7psi (temporary)
    optimized 70 mil maf
    big bore lower intake manifold, max honed upper intake minifold and port matched heads.
    vortech headers, bassani catback exhaust.
    big brake kit, 300 mil cross drilled slotted rotors in the front 278 in rear, stock calipers for now in a 16 inch rim.
    reinforced rear sway with 21 mil with poly bushings. big tie rods with custom poly bushings.
    custom rear trailing arms with toe adjustment.
    rear strut bar, front strut bar.
    aem wideband, custom sct tune, elaborated off a nautilius tune.
    dyno coming soon. est 300 plus hp to the ground.

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    Up North New Jersey


    - 1999 Ford Contour SVT 0532 (Black and MNB)
    - NPG Stage 2 Kit Upgraded/Customized as much as I could to my liking! Mated to a 2005 Taurus 3L!
    - 3-5k Miles on it (installed Feb 09)
    - Intercooled
    - No Alchohol injection
    - Tial 50mm BOV
    - Ebay Knockoff included in the NPG Kit
    - Unsure about my boost just bought a boost gauge tho (still on the tuning stage and a broken clutch)
    - Unsure about my HP
    - Very sure that this thing scares the outta me!

    - Amyn
    '99 (Mystichrome Bay) CSVT - 0532 - I can finally say that my car is a car again!!! www.facebook.com/fapauto - www.fapauto.com

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    -What car its on
    -What "Kit" you have
    -How many miles on "kit"
    -Intercooled or not
    -Alchohol injection
    -What B.O.V
    -What wastegate
    -How much boost do you run

    -1999 Tred/Tan Contour SVT 3L
    -ADC T-28
    -3K approx
    -Water to air intercooler
    -No Alchohol
    -Turbo x/s Type S
    -Tial 38mm
    -Boost guage says 10psi
    -Unsure of HP
    -If I could get this car running right I would love to comment here.
    -99 T-RED 3L SVT TURBO
    -00 BLK/TAN SVT

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    -What car its on: 2000 Contour SVT with '04 Taurus 3L (NPG LIM adapter, 1/2 spacer, SVT UIM); 80mm MAF, 42lb injectors, 255lph FSVT pump, 65mm Mustang t/b, 2.5" downpipe, 3" exhaust
    -What "Kit" you have: ADC prototype (from TheFordGuy, who got it from Keyser)
    -How many miles on "kit": Dunno... this kit is 10 years old, with 3 owners
    -Intercooled or not: 700cfm Spearco water/air
    -Alchohol injection: none, unless you count the leaking intercooler (which has water/alcohol)
    -What B.O.V: TurboXS RFL
    -What wastegate: Tial 35mm with 7psi spring (5psi spring should be here tomorrow)
    -How much boost do you run: 8psi
    -Hp: 325hp / 338tq (on a DynoJet)
    -Impressions: Traction would be nice. Power curves are very smooth and flat
    2011 Edge SEL AWD (black) - daily driver
    2000 Contour SVT (black); #61 (Sept 17, 1999)
    3L with ADC turbo kit; 325hp / 338tq @ 7psi
    car is down with a broken tranny

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