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Thread: Classifieds Rules Updated 7.24.2012

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    Default Classifieds Rules Updated 7.24.2012

    FYI: If you do not heed the rules below, you will get an infraction! This is to keep track of repeat offenders!

    Effective 24 July, 2012, the classifieds will institute a strict policy when it comes to posting non-
    relevant posts in someone's thread. Do it once, you receive a warning, a second time gets you an
    infraction. Multiple infractions result in being automatically banned.

    We have received many complaints about clutter in the classifieds. People are tired of reading through
    a bunch a useless banter and chatting. The classifieds are not a place for talking back and forth, they
    are there for people to sell their items or to find an item, period. If you want to "chat" about an item, take it to PM's.

    FYI: If you do not heed the rules below, you will get a ONE warning and then an infraction! This is
    to keep track of repeat offenders!

    Anything "wanted to buy" MUST be labeled with "WTB".

    Keep replies on topic of items sold/wanted. Off topic posts will be deleted and the person, warned.
    Off topic.. If I were closer, I'd buy it; GLWS; If you decide to ship it, I want it; If you decide to part
    it, let me know, I've seen this car in person...etc. If you want the seller to ship, take it to PM's and the same goes for a part out

    Post nonsense and you will get ONE warning, do it again, an infraction will be forthcoming. Remember, infractions can result in being banned.

    After an agreement has been made: all shipping talk should be via PM as well. You may post that you
    will, for example, ship via USPS in your original post. If the buyer would like UPS... that goes in a PM, not in the thread.

    You may ask: Will this fit my SE?; Is that a broken tab?; How many miles?. Legitimate questions! The seller may answer
    those questions. We don't need 5 people answering the question.

    Do NOT post negative comments about an item. If somebody wants $20k from a Contour,
    let them try. These comments will be deleted. Take it to PMs please! Users that do not follow these
    rules will get ONE warning before an infraction is given.

    You must be registered for 60 days to post in the classifieds. This isn't anything that a moderator
    or Administrator can over-ride, so don't bother asking (see bottom).

    Please keep non-Contour parts in the "Misc" section.

    If you have multiple items for sale, please divide them up in the correct forums.

    Do not cross post your item in multiple areas. Cross posts will be deleted and the user
    will receive an infraction.

    Bumping is getting out of hand!! Therefore if you bump before the two week period (14 days,) the bump will be deleted, and you will get a warning.
    Do it a second time, your thread will be deleted and you will get an infraction.
    Information updates, price changes, etc. are allowed.
    *Information updates/price changes DO NOT include: "still have this", "Price is the same, not
    lowering it".
    *What they DO include: Information.. I dropped the headlight and it now has a broken tab. If you have multiple
    items, for example: 4 IMRC covers... you may post that you now have 3 left.
    *Price dropped from $125. to $100.

    If you aren't going any lower on the price, say so by updating your original post. Stating in a new post that
    you won't lower the price is not a reason to bump your thread.
    After two weeks, you may post "Bump" to bump your item back to the top. There is no need for nonsense to be posted
    during a bump. Remember, Two Weeks = 14 DAYS.

    ***Any transactions you complete here are at your own risk. CEG is in no way responsible.***

    You must notify a mod, either through a post or PM, if your item is sold/found so we may lock
    the thread. This helps everyone know what items are no longer available. A thread will be locked only
    by request of the original poster. Random requests to lock a thread because you "have money in hand" will be ignored.
    "To the top" posts do not count as being active.

    From now on, classified ads need to include a price, location, and need to be actual FS or WTB
    ads, not "feelers" or attempts at auctions. If you do not have a proper (i.e. city and state) location in
    your profile, you must add it to every classifieds post you make. Prices need to be reasonable; don't
    put down $1 million to meet the rule.

    You may only post eBay auctions if they are YOURS and list price, location, etc. Posting just a link
    to the auction will be deleted. This also applies to Craigslist ads, etc. Do not post "in case anyone was
    looking for" eBay/CL auctions/ads. Those posts will be deleted.

    ** If you see a problem with a post or person, notify a mod either through the "notify mod" button
    or send a quick PM.

    Any threads that do not follow all the above rules will be deleted. If your thread is deleted, do not
    start another one unless you include the required information and are willing to adhere to the rules.

    The forum has been having problems allowing certain users to post once they reach 60 days. If you
    can't post, try clearing your cookies. If that doesn't work, PM one of the classifieds mods
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