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    This is a list of modification and maintenance procedures that are NOT explicitly for either the Zetec, or the Duratec.
    Please note: There MAY BE minor differences in some of the procedures because of different engines, etc.
    As always, this thread is a work in progress.

    Air Bag Replacement: - see Safety
    Alternator FAQ and diagnosis
    Keyless remote entry installation (aftermarket)
    Keyless remote entry - factory reprogramming (link lost)
    Lighting - Please also see the Lighting FAQ
    Lighting - Fog lights on with parking lights
    Lighting - Fog lights turn on with remote unlock
    Lighting - Fog light aftermarket replacement (Platinum Burner)
    Lighting - Headlight, Remote entry flash disable
    Lighting - LED window switches
    MIL (malfunction indicator light) eliminator installation
    Moonroof - See Exterior
    Starter/High beam security mod - SEE Safety
    Windows, Auto Down (Passenger)

    Cowl removal (Wiper/Motor/Cabin air cowl)
    Headlights, baking, Hightower mod
    Headlights, fix broken headlight tabs
    Eyelids, Fiberglass eyelids
    Grill Mesh How-To (Pre-98)
    Mirror, heated sideview mirror (recontent)
    Moonroof removal and Syncronization
    Moonroof motor/cover pictures/discussion
    Moonroof auto-open relay
    Moonroof - replace motor with hand crank
    Sail Panel Removal
    Sail Panel PLEXIGLASS removal (from panel)
    Side Marker Install
    Trunk strut / trunk lift removal and installation
    Wheel stud replacement
    Wheel stud spacer information
    Window glass replacement
    Window channel replacement
    Wiper Arm Removal (Windshield Wiper)

    Air Conditioning, Condenser install
    Cabin Air Filter Replacement

    Air Bag Replacement - See Safety
    Center Console removal
    Clock, 98.5+ recontent with PATS
    Door Panel Replacement
    Dome Light / Moonroof housing: Fixing broken tabs
    Emergency Brake Boot
    Moonroof - See Exterior
    Plastic interior panel tabs - fixing
    Windows, Auto-Down (Passenger add on) See - Electrical
    Transmission - Reduce play in manual shifter

    Air Bag Replacement
    Parking Brake Handle
    Starter/High Beam security mod
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