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  • It's not a tapeworm, It's just my metabolism, and I guess I'm pretty active. Lol sorry for all the off topic! >.<
    1999 SVT Contour #986 T-Red SOLD


    • Best of luck guys!

      I should have joined this thing, dropped crazy amount of weight as of late.

      Here's sanskrit's regimen to success.

      1.) Move in with a hottie
      2.) Buy a crapload of canned tuna (not very tasty is it?)
      3.) Run like an idiot
      4.) When you're tired of running, run some more
      5.) Once you lose some good weight, get in touch with said hottie's hot friends
      6.) Convert regimen of running to sexing said hottie's hot friends
      7.) Once tired of sexing said hottie's hot friends, sex some more with friends of said hottie's hot friends.

      Follow it and you will meet your goal (and if you do not reach your goal, and you lose all your money, at least you get a lot of sexing).

      Note I am professional and you'd be an idiot not to take my advice. Either that or go the tapeworm route as described above.