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Took my CSVT to the track tonight. . .

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  • Took my CSVT to the track tonight. . .

    So I picked up this Contour about 2 months ago and I've just been in the process of working out the kinks.

    Basically its a bone stock SVT with a '07 Escape Full 3L swap.

    SVT injectors & MAF
    Escape Fuel Rail w/ return setup
    Stock exh. manifolds
    Stock Y pipe
    Stock Exhaust system
    Untuned (stock svt tune)
    Ebay cone airfilter on MAF
    Factory E1 wheels with regular ol street tires @ 25psi

    The only "advantage" I had was a temporary "cutout" I had after about 6 passes. The previous owner used one of the cheapo flexpipe sections to connect the exhaust and the car wheel hopped so bad that it broke it in half. So I had an open dump exhaust about under the front seats for the remaining few passes.

    Best pass of the night:

    14.6 @ 95.12

    2.19 60'

    Not too shabby right? I know that it would pick up some power and driveablility with a decent tune. This car is like an on/off switch at 3750 when I assume the PCM gives the thing some timing. I'm using the Escape intake so the tune for the SVT intake setup is definitely lacking.


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    seems pretty good to me best i ran with a port match only had 2 runs was 15.3 can you post your slip
    98 svt port matched on second trans
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      The lack of secondaries paired with the untuned PCM is definitely your drawback. You need for it to be tuned to compensate for the secondaries delete and bump the timing some, which, by, like you said at 3750, is when the secondaries open up.

      But anyways, pretty good stuff.
      1999 SVT #0604


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        Originally posted by cougarkraig View Post
        seems pretty good to me best i ran with a port match only had 2 runs was 15.3 can you post your slip

        Yeah I'll get it posted tonight. Considering the tires and current clutch (maybe slipping a tad) I feel like a 2.1x was the best I was going to do. This is the first time I've taken a fwd car to the track so it was a new experience for me. Definitely harder to get out of the hole but a fun challenge regardless.


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          Considering i ran a 14.4 with a 3l turbo(first run ever), i'd say thats pretty good. Then again, i could just be that bad a driver. lol. But i must say tho, that my runs were with a stock svt exhaust. I'm running a full 3" SS catback now, and the difference is immense. I'm pretty sure if i did it again, i can hit 13.9/14.0.
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          Modifications??? well...lets just say this ain'tcha grandma's contour :D