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  • AutoX STX SVT Setup

    I have an early 1998 Mystique that I'm gonna put a SVT engine in and was hoping that I could find out what should be a good setup for the STX class for autocross. I know it might not be 100% legal to run a mystique with a SVT motor but this car will just be for local events and I will still get beat anyway so I'm not worried about that.

    What I really would like to know is what would be the lightest setup. I'm starting with what is pretty much a base level car that doesn't have ABS or a Sunroof so I think I'm off to a good start. My big question is was it possible to have ordered a SVT without air conditioning and if so did the whole AC system get removed? If anyone knows of any parts that would be required to complete the process I would really like to find out about them.

    After I get the swap done I'll try to pick up some Koni's and an adjustable coil over setup and I'm wonder what Spring Rates would be recommended I have seen some mention using 400-500 lb in springs with larger rear sway bar. I'd like to hear what setups people have like and even disliked or if they agree with whats mentioned above. Are there any other ways to gain more Camber adjustment besides the eccentric locators for the top of the strut rod that are available?

    I already had a Torsen put into the trans-axle which seemed like a good option since it had a higher bias ratio (3:1) than the Quaife at (2:1) and it was cheaper even though it might not be quite as reliable I thought it was the better option.

    I look forward to hearing about your setups and what you think would be best for autocrossing and track days.

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    Rollinstylee has a lot of information about setting up his SVT Contour for STX. Search out his threads.

    Pretty sure AC was standard. Although there are AC delete kits you can buy with an auxiliary pulley and a shorter belt.
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      Just saw this thread. Yeah I've posted various things about my setups in these forums. I don't spend much time on here anymore but if you don't find what you're after you can send me a message. I ran my Contour in STX very competitively (locally) for a few years before the engine went, I put in a 3L, and now casually run it in CP locally sometimes just to get it out. Honestly, due to the classing changes the past couple years, I'm not sure the Contour is even an STX car anymore...have you read up on STC?

      As you mentioned, your car isn't technically legal to run in any Street Touring with an engine swap and combination of options not originally available from the factory, so I wouldn't worry too much about the details if your local competitors are cool with it. Just go out and have fun improving your driving skills.
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