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Calling all Colorado tour, SVT tour, and mystique owners

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  • Calling all Colorado tour, SVT tour, and mystique owners

    I'm trying to get a bunch of us together soon to kinda help raise money for the Black Forest fire fighters and victims so please get at me and throw some ideas my way please even if your not in Colorado please give me ideas

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    I'm down. Not sure how to help, but I'm willing.

    Are you thinking some kind of fund-raiser-activity-thing, like a car wash, or just a collection pot for us to pitch into?

    It'd be nice to meet some of you at any rate. :p

    EDIT: maybe a post on the CEG facebook page would get some more attention.
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      Well here's what I was thinking

      Ok more like a car show or gathering and BBQ to help or collect stuff that they will need like water granola bars ect.....


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        Get with other gearheads in your area and try to put on a car show? And instead of an entry fee, ask people to bring cases of water or whatever else you can find that the firefighters need. Check with whoever is in charge of the fire operations first though, and ask what they need the most help with.
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          Good idea I'm gonna get on that today thanks again


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            theres a couple groups you might wanna get with on this! Stockers Car Club (may) help, i came from there and they are a little iffy. Tri-Lakes cruisers will do a LOT to help, Dan Oreilly and Bill Beeson will do just about anything for a good cause, and theres also the Outlaws, newer modded cars but i see them around my neighbors place a lot.
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              Sorry for the delay in response the army life is kicking my but right now lol anyways great info ill be getting in touch with them soon and see what we could come up with thanks