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Anyone in the KC area know who's car this is?

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  • Anyone in the KC area know who's car this is?

    Not sure how much a tranny would be but looks like a good price other than that, even with the horrible paint job!
    I need a new DD, my current one below doesn't do too will on the MPGs... Haha!
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    I guess the owner couldn't decide if he wanted a black or t-red svt. It's not a bad price assuming the transmission is the only problem. I would offer less and see where it goes. A stock tranny won't cost much....maybe $200-$300. If you can do the swap yourself it would save you a lot of money.
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      I like the price.....and the paint!

      eyelids, painted oval, and custom grille might be a CEG'er
      The reason i ask these question is because answers gives me more knowledge (on WTh I'm doing):o
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