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Identify ourselves after the last meet?

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  • Identify ourselves after the last meet?

    I thought maybe for those of us (me) who are bad with names could post a quick identifier to remember, like: "I'm jerry, I was there with the bone stock 98.5 Silfro SVT who handed out some battery tie downs."

    Man there were some sweet 'tours out there today! Glad we could all be there!
    1998.5 E1 SVT Silver frost #5850
    1999 SVT Black - Dead, RIP

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    I'm Aaron, I have the Black CSVT with Chrome FSVT's.

    It was great to see everyone & all of the great cars. I look forward to getting together like this more often.

    Black 99 CSVT #1820 of 2760
    -Current Mods-
    DMD, KKM, TruBendz SS/Magnaflow, MSDS Headers & Y-pipe, Koni-Sport Kit, HPP rear strut tower bar, tinted windows, Pioneer DEHP4600MP, 6x8 Pioneer 4ways, Chrome FSVT 5-spokes


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      I'm Mike. I didn't bring a Contour (but I'm still in the support group). I brought my wife Teri along.


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        Additionally I posted photos of the meet:


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          I am Rich and had the 2000 Toreodor Red CSVT. This is a great idea and thanks for the pics. Let's do it again!


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            I am Satya. came down from Seattle. had the EO SVT with a bumper that needed painting. ! Lets do it again. Def a highlight of my experience w this car was meeting all of you
            98 EO SVT Deleted Cat/Blue Chip in PCM/Foglight Mod/Moosing Fix BAT struts/spring Carbon Fiber Cowl Hood & Carbon Fiber Nascar Trunklid

            2000 Red/Tan SF connectors/ frontnrear strut braces, BAT struts/springs B&M shifter, Bosal Exhaust/ Dynomatted,


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              Brad with the gray EO 3.0. What a great meet! I'm interested in Rich's idea for a meet at PIR this summer. I've never seen a T-Red or Green CSVT in the flesh, was nice to have the variety of colors and mods represented.
              '98 3.0 EO SVTC "Roxanne"
              '99 2.5 SVTC "Pappa Fro" (SOLD)
              '94 5.0 Wrangler "Frankie"
              '59 VW Buggy "ScatKat"


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                Any Zetecs there, or just the V6? Yes, I know all too well....had I been there. Unfortunately work came first (unforeseen).


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                  I'm Bob I had the Tropic Green / Tan 99 SVT with Mystique dash.. :)

                  No 4 bangers showed up this time but there will be a next one!!!

                  Proud Dad of a US Marine

                  99 Contour SE Sport / V6 MTX
                  95 Contour GL / 4banger ATX - Like no other.

                  "its not shot it just grinds a little when going into third" - tjzollman 2/25/08

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                    Thanks Aussie - I need to show up with my Zetec at the next meet. Sounds like PIR is what I am hearing.


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                      I'm another Bob. i was there in spirit. With a stealth contique. It's really no big deal, you can see rwd V8 contours on the road "just like it" all the time.

                      And this talk of PIR... bring your torsen/quaife.
                      MSDS, SHO-shop Y, 2.5" catback; xcal2; 63mm TB, K&N 3530, pud heatshield; Koni struts, Aussie bar; THMS forks, Quaife; DMD; UD pullies; 94A poly mnts. 92.03 trap speed. SF/MB '98 SVT E0 #3159 8/21/97 236K miles. Was a witch's ashtray


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                        You were definitely missed Bill! Anyone get a chance to slap on the battery strap? On the 98's we need a little different hardware... I still haven't rounded anything up to work... Dying to get it on there though, especially since I just cleaned up under the hood!
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                        1998.5 E1 SVT Silver frost #5850
                        1999 SVT Black - Dead, RIP