So basically If you follow me at all I have my "parts tour" sitting at a friend's house with have the car ripped all apart..

Long story short the time has come that I MUST move the car this week ZERO exceptions... SO I was wondering if anyone have a Engine lift/cherry picker they wanna let me use for a day!! I am located in whitehall and have the room.

More of less I don't care the car must go bye-bye But I REALLY want the trans out of the car.. I don't care if we TORCH the tour to get it out.. I just want it badly as I know I'll need it.. EVERYTHING else that I care about has been removed... IM in a tight spot here guys.. I'll pay in beer and hugs :)

I have kidney problems so I don't move around fast as I used to.. hence why I am asking for help. so please

ANYONE in Lehigh Valley PA free sunday night/Mon/Tues?? I WANT my transmission SOOO BAD!!!!!