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    FOR SALE: 18" ICW RIMS + Tires Price Dropped: $500

    I have a set of ICW Jet 25 plus 215/40/18 BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDW Tires for sale. Tires have plenty of life left. Two of the Rims had curb rash on the lip from the previous owner and the rest have light scratches not really noticable. Rims is 18x7.5 offset is +37. For more INFO about Rims. I will include 15 tuner lugs (I lost one awhile ago) with keys and 4 more tuner lugs with keys.


    PM me or email me if anyone is interested.
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      99SVT 2566 for sale

      WOW, haven't been on this site in YEARS.

      So I've had a lot of stuff in storage and lived two lifetimes (it feels like) and 3 cars later since I've been involved in this community (but i'm 27). It's time to retire the first car I ever bought, she'll never keep up with the young bucks in my corral now.

      I never got around to finishing building this car and for those of you that have been here for years you know the story with Kaotic and Andy's and all the BS we all went through to get a damn kit for our cars.

      So it's for sale - best offer.

      What I can tell you about it. Number 2566 in 1999. Original color was Red, it's been painted the same blue as the 350Z with a little bit more pearl. The body kit is molded in on the back and fender flares molded onto the car. The front bumber needs to be attached. The engine has not been turned over in about 4 years but only has 37k on the odometer.

      The engine, transmission, clutch, shifting mechanisms and several other things were replaced by my service manager prior to my warranty being up on the car (they were only replaced because my service manager over at Harrold Ford was money and he knew what I was doing with the car and hooked it up).

      The interior needs to be cleaned and buttoned down. I have a brand new set of Ground Control in the trunk not installed.

      The doors in the back are shaved, the front doors are lambo (dude, I was young let it go). The kit on the car is what is either now called the Kaotic kit, nyceboi kit, or Audi kit - i don't know what it's called now actually.

      The exhaust is Bassani but was retuned by Muffler Tech to get a better sound out of it. Intake is AFE. I have a set of Headers in the car that need to be installed.

      Here's a link for the car -

      THE CAR IS NOT BEING PARTED OUT - you must puchase everything together if you are interested. Please post here or PM me.

      I figure the car should go to an enthusiast and not some schmuck.

      Looks like i can only respond via PM until the admins readmit my screen name.

      Can you post that the car is near Sacramento in Elk Grove, CA.
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        Sweet, I can post now.

        Some things I wanted to add that I didn't have in my initial post:

        SAFC2 - White readout. The car is already installed with it. It's an airflow computer.
        Upgraded MAF
        MSDS Headers
        Bat suspension is already on the car, Koni/Ground Control is boxed NEW
        Car is sound proofed all over
        Carpet, Door Panels, Dash are all BLACK. Seats are TAN (never got to changing it)
        Diablo Chip, custom program.
        DMD (or whatever it's called, Dual-Mass etc)
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        1999 SVT Contour #2566 custom ON SALE <CLICK


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          many parts off the parts car we dismembered a few months ago. ill be listing them in the classified section.

          stock csvt transmission (local pick-up preferred)

          also selling the 19" Centerlines on my car, listed in classifieds right now.
          Originally posted by Rara
          Steve is 100% correct.

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            OEM Warped Dash Fix Kit - Local Pickup Only (93063)


            I am in Simi Valley, CA (between Thousand Oaks and the San Fernando Valley; northwest of Los Angeles).

            I have an unused/never installed OEM "warped dash" Fix kit bought for a 1999 Mercury Mystique. I bought it new for $70 before they stopped making them (it was the last one in SoCal), BUT TAKE IT OF MY HANDS FOR FREE because I have no use for it. I have the PDF installation directions for it, too.

            The car was hit by a drunk driver and totaled, no other parts are for sale.

            PM or call my cell at 571 two three four 259two (a Virginia number). I can meet within 30 miles.

            Thanks for reading!

            Update 12/12/2007: Still available.
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              thanks guys - looks like I have about 3 or 4 people that are seriously interestest so the old boy may get a home soon.

              We should have torched that shop (Kaotic, it later went to Andy's). The guy who worked on it was probably a meth head, I can't remember his name but he was out there. The real work was done at T&T here in Sacramento - they made the car what it looks like today.
              1999 SVT Contour #2566 custom ON SALE <CLICK


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                Originally posted by blu_fuz
                I want your tool...... how much for that?


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                  ICW 18&quot; Rims $300

                  18 Inches ICW Jet 25 Rims with 215/40/18 BFGoodRich G-Force T/A KDW Tires (Expensive Tires)

                  3 Good Condition Rims and 1 Rim with a crack lip but still holds air.

                  Offset of these rims are +45

                  Rim #1: Cracked Lip but still holds air. The tire's side wall have like bubble. Tire still have about 40-60% Thread Left

                  Rim #2: Have a Curb Rash. About 40-60% Thread Left.

                  Rim #3: Good Condition and have about 80% Thread Left

                  Rim #4: Good Condition and have about %80 Thread Left

                  All for $300 OR Best Offer (OBO)
                  -1999 Contour - Sold
                  -1999 EM1 - Daily Driver
                  -ZetecSparkPlugCover(ShootMeAnOffer)-BomzCoilovers($80Shipped)-Post98TintedTailLights ($40Shipped)--


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                    A Few Contour Parts

                    $40 --- Here is a pair of tinted tail lights (NO REFLECTOR) that came off my 99 contour. The left lamp have a light crack but still seal.

                    $30 --- Focus Short Ram Intake by Option Racing (ebay). Will only fit the 4 cylinder 2.0 Zetec

                    $100 obo --- Set of Stock LX Contour Shock + Springs. Had about 90K on them. I don't know if they're blown or not.

                    $80 obo --- Post 98+ Good Trunk Lid (NO REFLECTOR OR WIRE HARNESS)

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                    -1999 Contour - Sold
                    -1999 EM1 - Daily Driver
                    -ZetecSparkPlugCover(ShootMeAnOffer)-BomzCoilovers($80Shipped)-Post98TintedTailLights ($40Shipped)--


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                      17 x 7 Team Dynamics Rims up FS

                      I have a nice set of 17 x 7 Team Dynamics rims. I had these on my old SVT Contour and have sold the car. They are very light and in good shape, One rim does have a small ding (see pic) but does not affect balancing or loss of air pressure. The rims come with several different style of center caps also.

                      I have them listed up on craigslist for $300. Can see pics there.


                      Will do $250 for a fellow CEG enthusiast.

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                      -Mike Malone
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                        Exhaust and Hi-Flow Y-pipe/Cat

                        I have a bassani exhaust (purchased from the creator of this thread actually) up for sale

                        i also have a sho shop hi flow y-pipe/cat

                        i'd like to trade both parts for stock cat back exhaust (already have stock cat/y)

                        400 for both parts + stock exhaust trade

                        300 for just cat back + stock trade


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                          WTB:::: Contour Tail light plugs...

                          I want the plugs that hold the tail light bulbs that plug into the contour tail lights... my 'stique ones don't fit will post pic in a few...
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                            Originally posted by SVTC1136
                            Looking for pre98 silver frost trunklid and tail lights. Will swap for my 2000. And if anyone sees one in a so cal junkyard please let me know.
                            I frequent the boneyards near me, so I'll keep my eyes peeled. The problem is Pre-98's never actually came in SilFro, so you're going to be unbelievably lucky to find a custom painted trunklid at the yards.
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                            Originally posted by blu_fuz
                            I want your tool...... how much for that?


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                              Bumping this up for the original poster... He's trying to get rid of the car soon, but can't post. PM him for details/offers.
                              '98 #3780
                              Originally posted by blu_fuz
                              I want your tool...... how much for that?


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                                Originally posted by bagged
                                i would like to see more pics.
                                and pics with the front doors open
                                me to.... you can see that the car was red so it makes one wounder if the door jams, trunk, and hood were painted blue as well