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Polished E1's???

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  • Polished E1's???

    Ok so ive got a bad itch that needs some scratching. Im really wanting to change up my rims. Im about to replace my tires so I figure perfect time to change up the rims. Problem is I dont have a budget to include rims with a tire purchase (and by that I mean im married to a frugal woman, some of you will understand). Anyways, just curious to see some E1's polished up since that would only cost time and a few bucks on supplies. Ive seen the polished FSVT rims and Im digging the look, just havent seen any E1's...
    2000 CSVT Full BAT Suspension #1753

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    There must be a set or two out there that have been polished, try using the search feature to find some pics. Considering how awesome the chrome E1's look I bet polished would look great. One thing you will likely run into if/when you start polishing E1's is that under the paint/filler the aluminium has a textured finish(As most cast and painted wheels do) Just be prepared to spend some time on them. If you have a bench grinder with polishing wheels you could save a lot of time.

    On a side note, glad to see another CSVT in OK, welcome!
    2000 Silver SVT