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Alloy rim vs steel rim weight, plasti-dip question.

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  • Alloy rim vs steel rim weight, plasti-dip question.

    Im wondering if anyone knows which weighs more, a 15 inch alloy rim (12 spoke 15" rim to be more exact) or a 15 inch steel rim? Im not looking for exact weight but it might be helpful. Im just wondering because I want to keep a full size spare in the trunk instead of a donut.
    Also, has anyone plasti-dipped there rims? Has anyone ever just plasti-dipped part of there rim (ex: the inside of the rim spokes or just the face of the rim)? Is this stuff durable? I know its been talked about.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    steel is much heavier then aluminum.
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      people plati-dip hand tools and it seems to be durable enough for that. as long as you keep it out of the lug threads, i can't imagine why it would casue any problem. seems like it would be somewhere inbetween good paint and powdercoat as far as durability goes.
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        If you use plastidip....and you want it to last....the whole wheel needs done. You can leave some polished portions if you bucket and hand wash your car, but if you go through automatics like I do with my need to do the entire rim. Trust me...played around with it quite a bit.
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          I've been using it for a bit now and will be redoing my wheels here in the next week or so. Clean them down good and then start spraying. Lay the first coat light and then progressively thicker. The stuff will stand up to high pressure water and normal wear and tear. If you get a chip, touch can use painting t thinner to soften it up and work it back together as well.
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