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  • Wheel Weight Database

    I found a site a few years ago that listed thousands of OEM (and some aftermarket) wheel data. Basically anything you'd want to know about a given wheel. As I was autocrossing then, to stay in my class, I had to stay within the OEM diameter and offset. Lighter wheels that kept me legal were a gold mine.

    I've looked for the site now but can't find it. Anyone familiar with it or have a link?
    1998 Contour GL V6
    2002 Cougar XR

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    nope, but if you find it please post it. I could definitely use that in the future.


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      Maybe a site like this?

      If you are looking for light wheel in a budget, I used Rota on my track Contour and Konig on my Daily RS that goes on track a lot as well.
      Both Rota and Konig can handle track days so they will have no problem on AutoX. You can look up Fiesta ST wheel which is same bolt pattern.

      From a quick search on Konig site, I don't see the exact spec, but you can take some time to look.