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Inner and outer tie rods

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  • Inner and outer tie rods

    Are the left and right inner tie rod ends interchangeable? Like, if I buy an inner tie rod end, will it fit on the left or right?

    I'm buying them from rock auto if anyone needs to look.
    It's a 1995 Mercury Mystique, 2.5L, V6, 15 inch rims

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    Yes they are interchangeable between the sides of the car - they are simply (rods) that have a ball joint where they screw into the (rack and pinion? i'm not an auto guru lol)

    The important part which you seem to be aware of is to order based upon your wheel size as they are different lengths for the size of the wheels - for my 99 contour I have 14 inch wheels so I had to order for 14 inch wheels and not 15.

    The other thing to note is that if your going to swap yours and they are OEM they may be smooth tie rods so the standard tie rod tool you can loan from stores will not work and you'll need something else to remove the tie rods..the replacement should have slots for the loaner tool to go on but the alternative tool for smooth rods will also allow you to reinstall the tie rods after removal.